EXEC Control Statements-&BEGTYPE, &CONTINUE Lines that are displayed as the result of an &BEGTYPE control statement
are not scanned by the EXEC interpreter. Therefore, no variable is performed, and data items are not truncated. To display datal yOu must use the &TYPE control statement. &CONTINUE Use the &CONTINUE control statement to
process the next statement in the &CONTINaE control statement is: r- , &CONTINUE L
instruct the EXE: interpreter to EXEC filee The format of the &CONTINITE is generally used with an EXEC label (for example, -LAB &CONTINITE) to provide a branch address for &EBROR, &GOTO, and other
branching statements. &CONTINUE is the default action taken when an
error is detected in processing a CMS command. Section 5. EXEC Control Statements 283
EXEC Control Statements-&CONTROL &CONTROL Use the &CONTROL control statement to specify the amount of data to be
displayed in the execution summary of an EXEC. The format of the &CONTROL control statement is: .-- , r , r , r , I &CONrROL , lOFF , IERRORI , IALL , I11SG , ,NOMSG I L ..J r , ITIME , I INOPACKI L J , I I '----- OFF ERROR L J
L .J
suppresses the display of commands and EXEC statements as they execute and of any return codes
result from CMS commands. 11 control
that may
displays only those CMS commands that result in an error and
also displays the error message and the return code. displays each CMS command as it is executed and all nonzero
return codes.
ALL NOMSG 'rIME NO PACK displays CMS commands and EXEC executable statements as they
execute as well as any nonzero return codes from CMS commands.
does not suppress the "FILE NOT FOUND" message if it is issued
by the following commands when they are invoked from an EXEC procedure: ERASE, LISTFILE, RENAME, or STATE. suppresses the "FILE NOT FOUND" message if it is issued when
the ERASE, LISTFILE, RENAME, or STATE commands are invoked
from an procedure.
includes the time-of-day value with each CMS command printed
in the execution summary; for example:
14:36:30 TYPE A B
This operand is effective only if CMS or ALL is also
does not include the time-of-day value with CMS commands
printed in the execution summary.
packs the lines of the execution summary so that surplus
blanks are removed from the displayed lines.
does not pack the lines of the execution summary.
1. The execution summary may consist of CMS commands, responses, error
messages, and return codes, as well as EXEC control statements and
assignment statements. When EXEC statements are displayed, they
are displayed in their scanned format, with all variable symbols
substituted. IBM VM/370 CMS Command and Macro Reference
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