Appendix B. DOS/VS Access Method Servicesand VSAM Functions Not Supported in eMS Refer the publication Utili1ig§ !ffg§§ for a
description of access method services functions available under DOS/VS, and, therefore, under eMS. This knowledge of access method services is
assumed throughout this publication. All of the DOS/VS access method services are supported by eMS, except
for the following: Non-VSAM data sets with data formats that are not supported by eMS/DOS (for example, BDAM and ISAM files are not supported). The operand has no function in eMS. However, you should
specify 3 in your DEFINE control statement for more
efficient operations. When you specify SHAREOPTIONS 3, eMS does not
execute the code that attempts to reserve and release system
resources. I The local Shared Resources Option is not supported by eMS/DOS. Appendix B: DOS/VS VSAM Functions Not Supported In eMS 347
348 VM/370 CMS Command and Macro Reference
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