Columns={0 | cols}



GreenBar={No | Yes}



BarColor={colour | #rrggbb}



FeedHoles={No | Yes}



Compress={Yes | No}



Table 7: HercPrt PDF and RTF Options PaperSize

Predefined "PaperSize=" values are "USFanFold" (default), "USCompactFanFold" (LPI=8), "USLetter",
"ISOA3", "ISOA4", "ISOB4", "ISOB4Extra" and "ISOC3". When a predefined "PaperSize=" value is used
then a "PaperWidth=" and "PaperHeight=" value need not be entered. Otherwise define your custom form
size via "PaperWidth=" and "PaperHeight=". PaperWidth / PaperHeight

"PaperWidth=" and "PaperHeight=" values are expressed in either fractional inches (the default) or whole
millimeters. To express a value in millimeters append "mm" to your value (e.g. "297mm").

Note: when defining your form's width do not include the width of the feedholes. The width of the feed-
holes (0.5 inches on either side of your form) is automatically added to your specified paper width at run-
time whenever the "FeedHoles=Yes" option is specified. Your "PaperWidth=" value should always be
specified as the actual printable width of your form and should not include the width of the feedholes area. Orientation

Specifying "Orientation=Landscape" or "Orientation=Portrait" will swap your specified "PaperWidth=" and
"PaperHeight=" values if necessary in order to match your defined orientation.

Therefore defining "PaperWidth=8.5" and "PaperHeight=11" (or "PaperSize=USLetter") along with "Orien-
tation=Landscape" will cause a paper width of 11 inches and a paper height of 8.5 inches to be used in-
stead. HorzMargin

The "HorzMargin=" value specifies how far from the left edge of the form the first character of the print
line is. For PDF output the "HorzMargin=" value defines both the left and right margins (the right margin
being the end of the print line, i.e. the position past which no character will print). For RTF output
however, it defines only the left margin and the right margin is always set to zero. Additionally, for RTF
output, print lines that extend beyond the right margin automatically wrap to the next print line whereas for
PDF output they are simply truncated.

The vertical margin at the top of every page is fixed at 0.5 inches and cannot be changed. The first print-
able line on a page after performing a page eject is therefore always the 4th physical line on the page
when printing at 6 lines per inch or the 5th physical line if printing at 8 lines per inch (even though in both
cases it is still considered to be line number 1).

The only way to print within the top 0.5 inches of your form is to continue printing beyond the bottom of
the previous page such that your print then "overflows" onto the first physical line of the next page. Be
aware however that you cannot do this continuously. That is to say your page cannot be of unlimited
length. When any page grows to be 500 lines long or longer a page-eject is automatically forced and this
behavior cannot be overridden. FontSize and LPI

"FontSize=" is always specified in typographic "points" (1/72 inches) with the default being 12pt for LPI=6
(Lines Per Inch) and 9pt for LPI=8. When 8 LPI is chosen then 9pt is forced. Valid font sizes are 9pt, 10pt,
11pt or 12pt.

The font that is used is always "Courier New" and cannot be changed. Columns

The "Columns=" value should normally be specified as 0 (zero) to ensure a proper default character pitch
of 10 characters per inch. Specifying a nonzero "Columns=" value causes all characters on your print line
to either be squished or stretched in an effort to try and honor your specified value, usually resulting in a
very ugly looking printout. GreenBar, FeedHoles and BarColor

The default for "GreenBar=" and "FeedHoles=" is "No". "BarColor=" defaults to "Green". Other valid "Bar-
Color=" values are: "Blue", "Yellow", "Red", "No" or "#rrggbb".

Specifying "BarColor=No" will draw an outlined box around the area where the green bars would normally
be, but without being filled in with any background color (i.e. the color of the bar is set to "transparent").
Custom green bar colors can be specified using the "#RRGGBB" html RGB color value format. Compression

The “Compress=Yes” option (the default) performs normal ZLIB compression of the actual PDF page data
stream in order to conserve Windows host disk space. “Compress=No” should only be used when repor-
ting a problem viewing a HercPrt generated PDF file since such problems are usually the result of an im-
properly formatted PDF data stream and using ZLIB compression makes it difficult to see the actual PDF

6.2.9 txt2pdf Utility

HercPrt also ships with a command-line tool called "txt2pdf" which will convert a text file into either a PDF
or RTF file.

All of the PDF options that can be specified to HercPrt can also be specified to txt2pdf. Note however that
just like with HercPrt, when converting text files to RTF files then not all of the PDF options are supported. Syntax


TXT2PDF [-option [-option ... ]]
infile [-o outfile]


Êʬ¬¬ TXT2PDF ¬¬¬§¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬§¬¬¬¬¬¬ -i
infile ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬Ê

-option ¬¬¬¨¬¬¬¯

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