After each registers area there is a “Refresh” button to update the values for the selected registers. The
values of the other registers are not affected. To alter the contents of a register just overwrite the value in
the register box and click on the “Alter” button.

Figure 18: Web Browser Interface Registers Details

4.4.4 Storage

The storage view displays contiguous128 bytes of storage. Each time the storage view is selected it dis-
plays storage beginning at address x’00000000’. The first column of each line shows the address in hexa-
decimal. The next four columns display the storage contents grouped by fullwords (4 bytes).

Between the address and the storage contents is a “Refresh” button. Clicking on this button refreshes the
view with the current values.

Figure 19: Web Browser Interface Storage

To view storage from another address in memory the first of the address fields can be overwritten with
another value. After clicking the “Refresh” button, the contents of the next 128 bytes following the spe-
cified storage address is displayed.

Storage can only be displayed from this view. To alter storage use the “V” console command or the de-
vice and status panel.

4.4.5 Miscellaneous

The miscellaneous view displays various register information. The view is divided into three parts:

Zone related registers Alternate measurement Address limit register

All of these values cannot be changed.

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