Clicking on the subchannel number in the device list view opens the detailed subchannel information for
the specific device. The information presented in the subchannel details is taken from the Subchannel-
Information Block (SCHIB). The Subchannel-Information Block contains - beneath other areas - the Path-
Management-Control Word (PMCW) and the Subchannel-Status Word (SCSW). The subchannel infor-
mation shown here displays words 0-6 of the SCHIB (the Path-Management-Control Word). More details
can be found in the “DS” console command description in the “User Reference” manual.

Clicking on the “Select / Refresh” button updates the information shown. Selecting another device from
the drop-down box and clicking on the “Select / Refresh” button displays the subchannel details for the
newly selected device without the necessity to go back to the device list first.

Figure 22: Web Browser Interface Subchannel Details

4.4.7 Version Info

The version information displays details about the running Hercules software release. Beneath the current
version (as the name implies) it shows additional information:

Copyright information Hercules build date and time
Options that have been built into Hercules Information about the host system

The information shown in this view is the same as returned by the VERSION console command.

Figure 23: Web Browser Interface Version Info

4.4.8 CPU

view i
s used to configure CPUs online or offline. Each CPU in the current configuration is listed
here with the CPU number, a drop-down list displaying the current CPU state and an “Update” button.

The example shown below is from a configuration with only one CPU.

Figure 24: Web Browser Interface CPU

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