Figure 20: Web Browser Interface Miscellaneous

4.4.6 Devices

The devices view displays a list of all devices in the current configuration. The list is sorted by the device
address in ascending order. The device list contains the following columns:


Number is the device address as specified in the configuration file. Independent of
the sequence in the configuration file the devices are sorted by the device address
in ascending order.


This is the subchannel number the device is attached to. This field contains a link to
the subchannel details view (see below).


This describes the device class. Possible device classes are:

CON (Console devices)
CTCA (Channel-to-channel adapter) DASD (Disk devices) DSP (Terminals) LINE (Communication lines) PCH (Card punch devices) PRT (Printer devices) QETH (QETH devices) RDR (Card reader) TAPE (Tape drives)


This is the device type. For a list of device types see the “General Information” or
the “User Reference Guide” manuals.


The status column shows the device status.

Figure 21: Web Browser Interface Devices

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