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IBM System/360 Principles of Operation
This manual is a comprehensive presentation of the
characteristics, functions, and features of the IBM Sys­ tem/360. The material is prescnted in a direct manner,
assuming that the reader has a basic knowledge of
IBM data processing systems and has read the IBM System/360 Systems Summary, Form A22-6810. The
manual is useful for individual study, as an instruction
aid, and as a machine reference manual.
The manual defines System/360 operating princi­
ples, central processing unit, instructions, system con­
trol panel, branching, status switching, interruption
system, and input/output operations.
Descriptions of specific input/output devices used
with System/360 appear in separate publications.
Also, details unique to each model of the System/360 appear in separate publications.
Form A22-6821-0
File No. S360-01
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