Parentheses ( )
Parentheses are used to specify the order of execution. The order of execution is
from right to left with the expressions in parentheses resolved (right to left) as they
are encountered. For example:
Note: When a value is assigned to a variable within parentheses and is used as the
argument for a function, the value assigned to the variable is used by the function,
regardless of any previous value assigned to the variable. For example:
Chapter 5. System Variables and System Functions
System variables provide controls for the system and information about the sys-
tem to the user. These variables can be used by a function as arguments the same
as any variable.
The following is a list of the system variables and their meanings. A complete des-
cription of each follows the list:
Variable Name Meaning
Comparison tolerance
Index origin
Printing precision
Printing width
Random link
Line counter
Workspace available
Latent expression
Atomic vector
1. To find the value assigned to a system variable, enter the variable name. The
value assigned to the OCT, 010, OPP, OW, ORL, and OLX system variables
can be changed by using the assignment arrow (+I. For example, entering
OlocO assigns the value 0 to the 010 system variable.
for that symbol. Therefore, if the symbol table is full, a SYMBOL TABLE FULL
error is generated.
2. The use of any system variable causes an entry to be made in the symbol table
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