Option 3. Oitp EC Ver.
The Disp EC Ver. option is primarily for your service representative's use. This
option will display a 4-digit code for each interpreter module. The first two digits
are the module identification and the next two digits are the EC version.
The EC Version program will issue prompting messages and wait for the user to
respond to each message.
Option 4. Key-Enter IMF
This option allows the service representative to enter IMFs from the keyboard. The
IMF is1 then written to file 2 on the tape containing the IMFs. The IMF can then be
loaded or copied from the tape.
Option 5. End of Job
This option causes the APL language to be available again.
Option 6. Tape Recovery
The Tape Recovery option allows the user to recover data from a file or files on
which tape read errors (ERROR 007 ddd) are occurring. The Tape Recovery Pro-
gram dan be used on the following files:
0 Interchange (file type 01)
0 General interchange (file type 02)
0 BASIC source (file type 03)
0 APL internal data format (file type 08)
The Tape Recovery program will issue prompting messages and wait for the user to
respond to each message.
The Tfpe Recovery program will recover as much data as possible in the file; some of
the data in the record where the tape read errors occur is not recoverable; some of
the data that precedes and follows that record may also not be recoverable.
Option 7. Tape Copy Program
The Tape Copy option allows you to copy the contents (up to the end of marked
tape) of one cartridge to another cartridge. Tape copy can utilize the auxiliary tape
drive, if available. Tape copy also marks the tape being copied to.
Tape copy issues prompts and waits for you to respond to each prompt.
There are no parameters.
The )PCOPY Command
The )PCOPY command copies all or specified global objects from a stored work-
space into the active workspace. It is the same as the )COPY command, except
that if the object name already exists in the active workspace, it is not copied from
a stored workspace. Therefore, the object in the active workspace is protected
from being overlaid and destroyed. Only objects in stored workspaces that were
written on tape with the )SAVE command can be copied.
When the command is successfully completed, COP1 ED device/file number
workspace ID is displayed.
If the active workspace contains suspended functions, objects cannot be copied
into it.
If the ATTN key is pressed during a )PCOPY operation, the system operation is
interrupted and the amount of information copied into the active workspace is
If the specified object name already exists in the active workspace, the message
NOT C0PIED:obiect name is also displayed.
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