If one argument is a scalar or a single-element array, the shape of the result is the
same as that of the other argument. The single element is applied to every element
of the multielement array:
Bc.2 2pl 2 3 4.
3 4
I. 0 8 B
Q 0 t 3 0 :I. 0 3
0 I4'77l.2 Q I 40204
The o Function: Pi Times, Circular
Monadic (One-Argument) Form: Pi Times o B
Thepi times function result is the value of pi (3.141592653589793) times B. The
argument can be
a numeric scalar, vector, or other array. The shape of the result is
the same as that of the argument:
If the argument is an array, the function is extended to each element of the array:
Dyadic (Two-Argument) Form: Circular Ao B
The circular function result is the value of the specified trigonometric function
(argument A) for the specified radians (argument B). The arguments can be
numeric scalars, vectors, or other arrays. Arguments must be the same shape, un-
less one is a scalar or single-element array. Arguments of the same shape have the
same shape result. The following is a list of the values for the A argument and the
related functions performed. A negative argument A is the mathematical inverse
of a positive argument A; any values for argument A other than the following
will result in DOMAIN ERROR:
Value of A Operation Performed
OoB (1 -B*2 )*.5
1 OB Sine B
20B Cosine B
30B Tangent B
( 1 +B *2) *,5 408
50B Hyperbolic sine of B (sinh B)
60B Hyperbolic cosine of B (cosh B)
Hyperbolic tangent of B (tanh B) 708
-1 oB Arcsin B
-2oB Arccos B
Arctan B
( - 1 +B *2) *.5
3oB Arcsinh B
-60 B Arccosh B
Arctanh B
If B is 45', here is how to solve for the sine, cosine, and tangent of B (45' is equiva-
lent to pi radians divided by 4):
I{ 1.. c) r. I+
B The left argument specifies
0 I ''?8!.?Ll. {--the trigonometric function.
:I. (3 B
2 (3 B
3 (3 B
Sine of B
0 I '7 0 '7 :I. 1.4
OI7071i Cosine of B
1. - Tangent of B
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