The + Function: Not Equal To
Monadic (One-Argument) Form
There is no monadic form.
Dyadic (Two-Argument) Form: Not Equal To ACB
Thenot qua/ to function result is 1 when argument A is not equal to argument 8;
otherwise, the result is 0. The arguments (numeric or character) can be scalars,
vectors, or other arrays. The arguments must be the same shape unless one of the
arguments is a scalar or any single-element array. Arguments of the same shape
have the same shape result:
If one argument is a scalar or a single element array, the shape of the result is the
same as that of the other argument. The single element is applied to every element
of the multielement array:
Nore: If the arguments are numeric, the result of the +function depends on the
UCT system variable (see Chapter 5 for information on the OCT system variable).
I' I
The mixed functions differ from scalar functions because the shape of their results
depends on the particular mixed function rather than exclusively on the shape of
the arguments. The following list gives a brief description of each of the mixed
functions. Following the list, each function is discussed in detail:
Functions Name Result
PB Shape The length of each coordinate of the
.B Ravel A vector containing the elements of B
in the order they exist in the rows of B.
4B Grade up The index values that vvould select the
elements of B in ascending order.
Grade down The index values that would select the
elements of B in descending order.
generator the index origin.
B consecutive integers !;tarting from tB
Reverse The elements of the argument are
Transpose The coordinates of the argument are
OB Matrix
The inverse of a square matrix or the
pseudoinverse of a rectangular matrix.
Execute Argument B executed as an expression.
Format Argument B converted to a character
Functions Name Result
(structure) using elements from B.
An array of a shape specified by A,
Catenate The two arguments joined along an
existing coordinate ([I] is a positive
integer 1.
A,[Il B Laminate The two arguments joined along a new
coordinate ([I] is a fraction).
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