Reopening Function Definition
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If you want to edit a function that has previously been closed, the function defini-
tion must be
reopened. For example, if function R
is already defined, the function
definition for function R
is reopened by entering V R. The rest of the function
header must not be entered or the error message DEFN ERROR is displayed
and the function definition is not reopened. The 5100 responds by displaying
[n+l], where n is the number of statements in R. Function editing then pro-
ceeds in the normal manner.
Function definition can also be
reopened and the editing or display requested on
the same line. For example, VR[3]S+S+1 edits the function by entering the new
line 3 (S+S+1) immediately. Then the 5100 responds by displaying [4] and
awaiting continuation. The entire process can be
accomplished on a single line:
VR[3]S+S+1 Vopens the definition of function R, enters a new line 3, and termin-
ates function definition. VR[O]V causes the entire definition of R
to be displayed,
after which the 5100 returns to execution mode.
Mote: You cannot reopen the definition of a function, delete a statement, and
close the function (for example, VR[A4]V) on the same line, since the closing V
cannot be
on the same line as the [An].
An Example of Function Editing
In this example, the user-defined function AVERAGE is used to show how the
methods used to revise and display functions work:
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