Page of SA2 1-921 3-0
Issued 15 September 1975
By TNL: SN21-0247
Printer Installation Procedure
0 1.
0 2.
0 3.
Storage Position for
Terminator Plug
Set all POWER switches to OFF.
If you have an auxiliary tape unit, remove the terminator plug from the
bottom position and insert it into the top position (storage position).
Remove the shipping tape from the printer signal cable (flat cable) and
connect the signal cable to the back of the auxiliary tape unit, if it is
attached, or to the back of the 5100. Make sure the connector fits
squarely. Turn the knob in a clockwise direction until the connectors
fit together firmly:
Forms Tractor
\ Printer (rear)
5100 Portable
Computer (rear)
0 4. Remove the shipping tape from the printer power line and plug the power
line into the back of the auxiliary tape power plug or into a grounded elec-
trical outlet.
Issued 15 September 1975
By TNL: SN21-0247
0 5. Unpack the forms tractor and set it in place on top of the printer as shown
in the drawing. Install the forms guide rack on the forms tractor.
Hole for Forms Guide Ra
\ 14L Forms Guide Rack
(inside frame) Position this part of the
forms tractor first. Press
down firmly to snap into
Then rock the forms
tractor forward and
snap this part into place.
Must be in this position.
0 6. Insert paper in the printer. Use the printer information in this manual if you
need help in inserting the paper (see Chapter 10).
0 7. Set both the printer and 5100 POWER switches to ON and continue on to
the checkout procedure.
Printer Checkout Procedure
Press several alphameric keys to display some information. Then, hold down the
CMD key and press the key below Copy Display on the
command word strip. The printer will provide a copy of the information on the
display screen.
Return to step 13 of the 51 00 checkout procedure.
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