Appendix A, Installation Procedures and Installation Planning Information
IBM 5100 Portable Computer 50 Ib (24 kg)
The 5100 Portable Computer and associated units are designed for these
Operating Environment
Dry bulb temperature 60°-900 F (15'-32" C)
Relative humidity 89/0-8O%
Maximum wet bulb
temperature 73' F (23' C)
Nonoperating Environment
Dry bulb temperature 50°-1050 F (10°-43" c)
Relative humidity 8%-80%
Maximum wet bulb
temperature 80" F (27' C)
IBM 5103 Printer
56 Ib (26 kg)
IBM 5100 Portable Computer
50 Ib (24 kg)
IBM 5106 Auxiliary Tape Drive
18 Ib (8 kg)
(26 cm)
10 inch
___-- I
Issued 15 September 1975
By TNL: SN21O247
A 1 15-volt, 15-ampere, single-phase, 60-cycle grounded receptacle is required for
each unit. Allowable tolerance is *lo% on the voltage and &1/2 cycle on the
A duplex receptacle is recommended so that the 5100 Portable Computer and an
auxiliary tape unit or a printer can be powered from the same outlet.
The auxiliary tape unit power plug has a tap so that a printer, TV monitor, or
communication modem can be attached for electrical power.
All attachment power cords are 6 feet (1.8 meters) long.
Current Requirements are:
5100 Portable Computer 3.0 amps
5103 Printer 1 .O amp
5106 Auxiliary Tape Unit 0.5 amp
The heat output is:
5100 Portable Computer
5103 Printer
5106Auxiliary Tape Unit
780 BTU per hour
300 BTU per hour
130 BTU per hour
The 5100 Portable Computer is connected to the printer by a 4-foot (1.2-meter)
signal cable and to the auxiliary tape unit by a 2-foot (0.6-meter) signal cable.
The cables are supplied with the features.
When both the printer and auxiliary tape unit are installed, the printer must be
attached to the auxiliary tape unit instead of the 5100 Portable Computer.
When only the auxiliary tape unit is installed without a printer, the terminator
assembly must be moved from its storage position to the signal cable receptacle
immediately below it, on the back of the auxiliary tape unit.
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