0 7. The last step wrote the program onto tape, but it is still recorded in the
storage workspace. To prove the program can be read from tape, the program
must be erased from the workspace. To do this, press the following keys:
0 8. To read the program from tape into the 5100, press the following keys:
space space
0 9. When LOADED 1002 WS is displayed, press these keys:
The display screen should again show:
I 27
Lky Position 1
Position 7
This completes the APL checkout procedure.
-- I
0 10.
0 11.
0 12.
0 13.
0 14.
Page of SA21-92130
Issued 15 September 1975
By TNL: SN21-0247
Check to see that you received the following documentation:
a. IBM 5100 APL Introduction, SA21-9212
b. IBM 5100 APL Reference Card, GX21-9214, located in the back of this
c. Maintenance Library Binder
If the words above the top row of numeric keys are labeled on the left with:
, you have a combined machine.
, you have a combined machine with the communications feature.
, you have an APL machine with the communications feature.
, you have a BASIC machine with the communications feature.
If you have not checked out BASIC on a combined machine, set the
BASIC/APL switch to the BASIC position, press RESTART, and go to the
BASIC Checkout Procedures in Appendix C
of the IBM 5100 BASIC
Reference Manual, SA21-9217. If you already did the BASIC checkout
procedures, continue with step 11.
If the auxiliary tape unit is to be installed, unpack the tape unit and pro-
ceed to the Auxiliary Tape Unit Installation Procedure which follows.
After installing the auxiliary tape unit, proceed to step 12.
If the printer is to be installed, unpack the printer and proceed to Printer
Installation Procedure, which comes later in this appendix. After install-
ing the printer, return to step 13.
If your 5100 is equipped with the communications feature, follow the
Installation Instructions in the IBM 5100 Communications Reference
Manual, SA21-9215; then go to step 14.
When the preceding devices or features are installed, or if none are, begin
reading the IBM 5100 APL Introduction to learn how to operate your 5100.
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