Contact your I BM marketing representative to obtain modem specifications.
Contact your local communications company representative immediately to allow
adequate time for equipment hookup.
The required 6-foot (1 .&meter) cable is supplied.
The modem connector must be
compatible with Amp Corporation receptacle
#205207 (25 position) or equivalent.
BNC Connector for External Monitors
(40 mA of current is available to drive
external monitors, the last monitor in
a parallel string must be terminated
Terminator (storage position) / with 75 ohms)
Page of SA21-9213.0
Issued 15 September 1975
By TNL: SN21-0247
5100 Installation Procedure
After you have placed the 5100 where you intend to use it, make sure the red POWER
ON/OFF switch (located on the front panel) is in the OFF position. Plug the power
line into a grounded electrical outlet.
Note: For proper operation, the 5100 must be
plugged into a grounded outlet.
Set the POWER switch to ON, and be sure that the fan is operating:
0 If your machine location is not too noisy, you should hear the fan motor
0 If you are not sure, hold a light piece of paper near the air intake on the back of
the machine. The loose end of the paper should be pulled toward the machine.
If the fan does not appear to be operating, check your power outlet. If it is OK, set
the POWER switch to OFF and call for service. Do not continue with these
If the fan is operating, wait for about 20 seconds and your 5100 will be ready for
APL Checkout Procedure
0 1. After power has been on 20 seconds, the display screen should show:
C'*4EA'1 Wb>e underline (cursor) flashes on and off.
If the display screen does not show the above information, check the
following top panel switches:
a. Turn the BRIGHTNESS control to get the best character definition.
b. Set the DISPLAY REGISTERS switch to the NORMAL position.
c. Set the L32 64 R32 switch to the center (64) position.
d. Set the BASWAPL switch (combined machines only) to the APL
e. If information displayed is not as shown above, press the RESTART
switch. This recycles a portion of the power-on sequence. If the infor-
mation displayed is still not as shown above (after the 20-second delay),
call for service.
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