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r'---- I I Functions and instructions CP_Assi§.i Get free space (DMKFRE) Release free space (DMKFRE) Lock a page (DMKPTR) Unlock a page (DMKPTR) Test page status Test page status and
lock (DMKCCW) Store ECPS identification SVC 8 (LINK) SVC 12 (RETURN) Scan for changed shared
paqes (DMKVMA) Locate virtual I/O control
block (Dl'o!KSCN) Invalidate paqe table (DMKVAT) Invalid segment
table (DMKVAT) Untranslate CSW (DMKUNT) Free CCW storage (DMKUNT) Locate real I/O control)
block (DMKSCN) Common CCW command
processinq (DMKCCW) Decode first CCW (DMKCCW) Decode following CCW (DMKCCW) Main entry to dispatch (DMKDSP) Dispatch a block or a virtual
machine (DMKDSP) LPSW STNSM STaSM SSM PTLB SIa SPT SCKC STPT TCH DIAGNOSE Processor 135-3,138, 1q5-3 148, 4341
x X X X X X x X X X X X X x X X x
x X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X 3031 I 3031API 4331 X X X X X X x X X X X X X X X X X X x X X X X L- -I Figure 13.1. Functions and Instructions that ECPS Supports Part 2. Control Program 100.1
Apr il 1 f 1981 100.2 IBM System Programmer's Guide
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