SSAVENXT (Fullword) The address of the next system save area in the
chain. This points to the system save area that is being used, or will be used, fer any SVC call nested in relation to
the current one. SSAVEPRV (Fullword) The address of the previous system save area in
the chain. This points to the system save area for the SVC call in relation to which the current call is nested. (Fullword) Pointer to the user save area for this SVC eMS Interface for Display Terminals CMS has an interface that allows it to display large amounts of data in
a very rapid fashion. This interface for 3270 display terminals (also
3138, 3148, and 3158) is much faster and has less overhead than the
normal write because it displays up to 1760 characters in one operation.
instead of issuing 22 individual writes of 80 characters each (that is
one write per line on a display terminal). Data that is displayed in
the screen output area with this interface is not placed in the console spool file.
The DISPW macro allows you to use this display terminal interface.
It generates a calling sequence for the CMS display terminal interface
.odule, DMSGIO. DMSGIO creates a channel program and issues a DIAGNOSE instruction (Code X'S8
to display the data. DMSGIO is a TEXT file
which must be loaded in order to use DISPW. The format of the CMS DISPW Ilacro is:
where: label bufad
r , I LINE=n I I LINE=O I L .I r , I BYTES=bbbb I L .I [ ERASE=YES] r , DISPW bufad I,LINE=nl I L111Ul::.Q I L .J r , I.BYTES=bbbbl I,L BY1].§=176..Q1 L .J
[ ERASE=YES] [ CANCEL=YES] is an optional macro statement label.
is the address of a buffer containing the data to be
written to the display terminal.
is the number of the
display terminal that
number 0 is the default.
is the
on the
number of bytes
display terminal.
is to
o to 23. on
be written.
Line (0 to 1760) to be written
1760 bytes is the default.
specifies that the display screen is to be erased before
the current data is written. The screen is erased
regardless of the line or number of bytes to be
displayed. Specifying ERASE=YES causes the screen to go
into "MORE" status. Part 3. Conversational Monitor System (CMS) 267
[CINCEL=YES] causes the CANCEL operation to be performed: the output
area is erased. lote: It is advisable for the user to save registers before issuing the DISPW macro and to restore them after the macro. because neither the macro nor its called modules save the user's registers.
268 IBK VK/370 System's Guide
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