Apr il 1, 198 1 DIAGNOSE Code X'14' Manipulation Input Spool File Execution of DIAGNOSE Code X'14' causes DftKDRDER to perform input spool
file manipulation. Depending upon the value of the function subcode,
the register specified as Rx contains a buffer address, a copy count, or
a spool file identifier. The Ry register, which must pe an even register, contains either the virtual address of a spool input card
reader or, if Ry+1 contains X'OFFF', a spool file ID number .• Ry+1
contains a hexadecimal code indicating the file manipulation to be
performed. The codes are: 0000 0004 0008 OOOC 0010 0014 0018 001C 0020 OFFF ly.!!£tion Read next spool buffer (data record)
Read next print spool file block (SFBLOK) Read next punch spool file block (SFBLOK) Select a file for processing Repeat active file nn times
Restart active file at beginning
Backspace one record ' Read next monitor spool file block
Read next monitor spool record
Retrieve subsequent file descriptor On return Ry+1 may contain error codes that further define a returned
condition code of 3.
Condition o
16 20 Error
Data transfer successful
End of file
File not found
Device address invalid
Device type invalid
Device busy, reader not ready,
or device is a real device
Fatal paging I/O error
Page already locked for I/O Rx start address of fullpage virtual buffer
Ry virtual spool reader address
The specified device is checked for a file activated via DIAGNOSE. If one is found, the next fullpage buffer is made available to the
virtual machine via a call to DMKRPAGT. If a file is not found, the
chain of reader files is searched for a file for the calling user and
connected to the virtual device for further reading. If no file is
found, virtual condition code 2 is set. When the end of an active file
is reached, the device status settinqs are tested for "spool
cont inuous.'" If not set, v irtual condition code 1 is set, indicating
end of file. If the device is set for continuous input, the active file
is examined to determine whether or not it is a multiple-copy file. If
it is, reading is restarted at the beginning of the file. If it is not,
the file is closed via DMKVSPCR and the reader chain is searched for
another input file. If no other file is found, virtual condition code 1
is set. A specific DIAGNOSE X'14' Subcode X'OOOO' must be issued to get
the first spooled page again. Part 2. Control Program (CP) 187
Page of GC20-1S07-7 As Updated April 1, 19S1 by TNL GN25-0829 SUBCODE X'0004' Rx virtual address of a 13-doubleword buffer
Ry virtual spool reader address
If the specified device is in use via diagnose; the VSPLCTL block is
checked to see whether or not this is a repeated call for printer SFBLOKs. If it is, then the chain search continues from the point where
the last SFBLOK was given to the virtual machine. In this case, cc = 1
is set when there are no more print files. If this is the first call for
an SFBLOK, or if there have been intervening calls for file reading, the
spool input chain is searched from the beginning, and cc=2 is set if no
files are found. !Qte: The virtual buffer specified via Rx must not cross a page boundary
or a specification exception will result. SUBCODE X'OOOS' Rx virtual address of a 13-doubleword buffer
Ry virtual spool reader address Processing for subcode X'OOOS' is the same as for subcode X'0004', except that only card-image input files are processed. MQte: For both subcode X'0004' and subcode X'0008', the format
definition for a SFBLOK can be found in the system macro library. SUBCODE X'OOOC' Fx file identifier of requested file
Ry virtual spool reader address
The spool input chain is searched for the file specified. If it is
not found, cc=2 is set. If it is found, the file is moved to the head
of the chain so that it will be the next file processed by any of the
other fanctions. SUBCODE X'0010' Rx new copy count for the active file
Ry virtual spool reader address
The specified device is checked for an active file. If no file is
active, cc=2 is set. Otherwise, the copy COUNT for the file is set to
the specified value, with a maximum of 255. If the specified count is
not positive, a specification exception is generated. If the count is
greater than 255, it is adjusted to module 256.
188 IBM VM/370 System Programmer's Guide
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