Page of GC20-1807-7 As Updated April 1, 1981 by TNL GN25-0829
An expanded glossary is available in the IBl1 lirtual MachiM Facili!yL]70: §l.Qssary and Maste£ GC20-1812. Knowledge of Assembler language and
experience with programming concepts and
techniques are prerequisite to using this
publicat ion.
References to a program that produces a
standalone dump occur in several places in
this publication. One such program is the BPS Storage Print program, Program No.
36 OP- UT- 056. Information on the new IBM 3262 Printer, Models 1 and 11, is for {:lannin 9 purposes
only until the availability of the product.
PREREQUI SI TE PUBLICATIONS IB11 System/360 principles of GA22-6821. IBM Systeml.J70 principles .Q..! Cperation, GA22-7000. IBM 0 S/VS and :LHL370 Ass.&.m Pro gra mmer' s
Guide, GC33-4021. IBM COSLVS, .snd VlV370 Assembler Langyage, GC33-4010. IB11 Virtual Systems in lirtual GC20-1821. COREQUISITE PUBLICATIONS Knowledge of the commands and system
functions of CP, CMS, and RSCS is
corequisite. Planning and System Guide, GC20-1801 Co!!!.!!@nd Referen ce ..!cr Users, GC20-1820 Guide, GC20-1819. Guide, GC20-1806 Terminal GC20-1810 iv IBM YM/310 system Proqrammer's Guide OLTSEP GC20-1809. Recording
This publication contains a
description of CPEREP. CPEREP is a CMS command that invokes OS/VS EREP operands
to produce statistical reports from
error recording data of hardware and software errors. OS/VS Environmental Printing (EREP) Program, GC28-0772 This publication contains a detailed
description of the CPEREP operands, and
is required in order to make use of CPER EP. Remote Spooling Communications (RSCS) ]ser's Guide, GC20-1816 Logic Problem Determination, SBOF-3802 Volume 1 Control SY20- 0886 Program 1 Conversational (C8S), SY20-0887 Volume 3 COiiiiBUii ic ation SY20-0888 Remote System (£.R> ,
If the IBM 3767 Communication Terminal
is used by the system programmer as a
virtual machine console, the Jl§l rator' s Guide, GA 18-2000 is a Iso a
corequisite publication.
If the IB8 3850 Mass storage System is
attached to the V8/370 system, the
following are corequisite pUblications: IB8 J850 Ma§ Introduction GA32-0038. storage Preinstalla tion OS/VS Library: Storage Messages, GC38-1000. IBM 3850 Svstem prInciples .Qf Operation: Theory, GA32-0035. IBM 3850 Principles GA32-0036. Storage OBeration: OS/VS Mass System (MSS) Se!:!!g§§: Reference GC35-0017.
Page of GC20-1807-7 As Updated April 1, 1981 by TNL GN25-0829 's Library: IBM ]850 .!tEss Storage OS/VS, Note: References in text to titles of Gorequisite VM/370 publications are give n
in abbreviated form. SUPPLEMENTAL PUBLICATIONS OSLVS Data Management Macro Instructions, GC 26-3793 .. Supervisor Service Instructions, GC27-6979. IBM 2821 cont£Q! unit ],§scription GA 24-3312. IBl1 3211 321.§ Interchangeable Train. .ru!g 3811 i£in!g: Control Unit Component Qescriptio,!! E1!..9 .9perator's Guide, GA24-3543. IB! 3262 Printers 1 and 11 DescriPtion, GA24-3733. IBM OS/VS GC26-3813. Linkage Editor
Introduction to the IBM ]704 Communications Controllers, GA27-3051. IBM 3704 and 3705 Communications Controllers Guide, GA27--3055. IBM Virtual FacilitXLllQ: Performance/Monitor Analysis SB21-2101. Preface v
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