Paqe of GC20-1807-7 As Updated April 1, 1981 by TNL GN25-0829 Summary of Amendments
for GC20-1807-7 VM/370 Release 6 PLC 4 3031AP CONTROL PROGRAM SUPPORT Proqram Feature
The 3031 and 3031AP now provide Extended Control Program Support for specific
instructions and VM/370 functions. CO DryMP SERVICES FOR VIRTUAL MACHINES Proqram Feature new command, VMDUMP, dumps virtual
storaqe to a specified reader spool
file. The dump is in a format that is
acceptable as input to the
VM/Interactive Control System Extensions proqral product.
Installations that have not installed
this proqram product may process the
dump with a user-written proqram. xvi rBM VM/370 System Proqrammer's Guide
Page of GC20-1807-7 As Updated rtpril 1, 1981 by TNL GN25-0829 3800 PRINTING SUBSYSrEM Proqram Feature V"1/370 now supports the 3800 printinq
subsystem as a dedicated device or as a
real spooling device. A new diagnose code (X'74') allows an installation to
save or to load a 3800 named system.
This support is described in Part 2. SPECIAL FACILITY Proqram Feature
The special message facility allows one
virtual machine to send messages to
another virtual machine by issuing a new comm3.nd, SMSG. The special message facility is described in Part 2. 3850 MSS SUPPORT Proqram Feature Virtual machines may now access mass
storage volumes that contain VM/370 minidisks, or they may access entire
mass storaqe volumes. A new diagnose
code (X'78') enables MSS to communicate
with VM/370. This support is described
in P3.rt 2. DIRECTORY UPDATE IN-PLACE Proqram Feature 'Now, a new diaqnose code (X' 84') enables
a victual machine to update the VM/370 dire::;t orv. Th is support is des cr ibed in P3. rt 2. LOGON, AUTOLOG, AND LINK JOcrRNALING Program Feature
Now, VM/370 will optionally attempt to
detect and record certain occurrences of
the LOGON, AUTOLOG, and LINK commands.
Th is support is desc[' i bed in Part 2. Summary of Amendments
for GC20-1807-7 VM/370 Release 6 PLC 1
Also, the topic "Accounting Records", in Part 2, has been upda ted to include ne w
record types used by this facility. SUPPRESSING PASSWORDS ENTERED COMMA ND-LINE
New: Program FeatUre ON THE
Installations may optionally request
that VM/370 reject LOGON or LINK
commands when the password is entered on
the same lin e as t he comma nd.. Thi s
support is described in Part 2. MONITORING FACILITIES
New: Program FeatUre The VM/370 Monitor command has been
changed as follows: New operands have been added to the INTERVAL parameter and to the LIMIT
parameter. A new parameter, SEEKS, is now
These changes are described in Part 2.
Also, the content of the VM monitor tape
has been ch anged.. This cha nqe is
described in Appendix C. SHARED SEGMENT· PROTECTION New: Program Feature NOW, VM/370 allows an installation to
optionally protect or not protect shared
segments. A new parameter has been
added to the NAMESYS macro for thi s
support. Shared segment protection and
the NAMESYS macro are discussed in 2.
Extensive editorial updates have been
made throughout this publication. Summary of A mend me nts xvii
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