Appendix C: VM Monitor Tape Format and
Content time a monitor call interrupt occurs, Monitor receives control and collects data appropriate for the particular class and code
of MONITOR CALL. (Or, for USER, PERFORM, or DASTAP classes, VM/310 Monitor gets control at periodic intervals to collect data.) The data
is formatted into records that are collected sequentially in the order
that each interrupt occurred. The tape data format is standard Variable Blocked (VB) format. Data is written at the default tape drive density.
Maximum block and record lengths are 4096 bytes. The formats and
contents of all the kinds of data records for the currently implemented
classes and codes of MONITOR CALL are listed below. values described in the following records are binary unless
otherwise noted.
'Indicates that the field is EBCDIC.
2Indicates that the field is in special timer format described below.
3See n!2£! 199ic for field format
definition ..
Header Record
Every data record is preceded by the following 12-byte header:
Total bytes in record
Zeros (standard V format record) MONITOR CALL class number MONITOR CALL code number
Tiae of Day
Number DSECT
of Variable 2 MNHRECSZ 2
1 MNHCLASS 2 MNHCODE 5 MNH'IOD Bote: Time of day occupies 2 fullwords in storage, with the rightmost 12 bIts zeros. The rightmost 2 bytes and the left.ost byte are ignored,
giving 16-aicrosecond accuracy instead of 1-microsecond.
The first 4 bytes of this header are the standard variable-format
record field.
Appendix C: VM Monitor Tape Format and Content 351
Data Records
98 99 Data
Tape header record CPU serial/model number Software version number!
Date of data collection session'
Time of data collection session' Userid of aonitor controller'
CR8 mask of enabled classes Size of CP nucleus Size of Free/Fret pools Size of dynamic paging
area Size of trace table Size of V=R area (if any) CPU logical address APU logical address
Tape trailer record Userid of user shutting down monitor'
Tape write suspension record TOD at suspension
Count of write suspensions
Class Zero - PERFORM Monitor Code 00 Data
Interval statistics
Total main processor idle time
Total main processor page wait
Total main processor time I/O wait
Total main processor problem tiae
Total paging start I/Os Total page I/O requests
Current page frames on free list Pages being written, due for free list
Total pages flushed, but reclaimed Number of reserved pages
Number of shared system pages
Total number of times free list empty
Total number of calls to DMKPTRFR Total pages stolen from in-queue users
Bytes CP Variable Name DSECT Variable Name 8N097CPU 8N097LEV 8N097DAT 8N097TI8 8N097UID 8N097CR8 8
4 CPUID Dl!KCPEID TOD clock TOD clock V8USER D8KPRGC8 Derived by
Derived by CP 8N097NUC CP 8N097FSS 4
Derived by CP Derived by CP Derived by CP LPUADDR LPAUDDRX V8USER Number CP of Variable Bytes Naae 8 IDLEWAIT 8 PAGEWAIT 8 IONTWAIT 8 PROBTI8E 4 D8KPAGPS 4 D8KPAGCC 4 D8KPTRFN 4 D8KPTRSW 4 D8KPTRPR 4 D8KPTRRC 4 D8KPTRSC 4 D8KPTRFO 4 DftKPTRFC 4 DftKPTRSS 8N097DPA 8N097TTS 8N097VR 8N097CPL ftN097APL 8N098UID 8N099TOD 8N099CIT DSECT Variable Naae 8NOOOWID 8ROOOWPG 81000WIO 8NOOOPRB 8NOOOPSI ftNOOOCPA 8NOOONFL 8NOOOPSN 8NOOOPRC 8NOOORPC 8NOOOSPC 8NOOOFLF 8NOOOCPT 8NOOOSS Number of pages examined in stealing pages 4 D8KPTRRF 8NOOOPRF Number of pages swapped from the flush
list 4 DftKPTRFF 8NOOOPFF Number of full scans done in stealing
pages 4 D8KPTRCS 8ROOOPCS 358 IBM Vft/370 System programmer's Guide
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