Page of GC20-1S07-7 As Updated April 1, 19S1 by TNL GN25-0S29 For Unit Record "Input Device Class X'SO' X'S1' X'S2' X'S4' X'SS' X'90' X'40' X'20' X'21' X'22' X'24' Card Reader
IBM 25fr1 Card Reader
IBM 2540 Card Reader
IBM 3505 Card Reader
IBM 1442 Card Reader/Punch
IBM 2520 Card Reader/Punch
Tape Reader
IBM 2495 Magnetic Tape cartridge Reader
IBM 2671 Paper Tape Reader
IBH 1017 Paper Tape Reader For unit Record Output Device Class X'SO' X' S2' X'S4' X'8S' X'90' X'40' X' 41 ' X'42' X'43' X'44' X'45' X' 20' X'24' ice !ll.§ Card Punch IBM 2540 Card Punch IBM 3525 Card Punch IBM 1442 Card Punch IBM 2520 Card Punch Printer IBM 1403 Printer
IBM 3211 Printer
IBM 3203 Printer IBM 1443 Printer
IBM 3S00 printing Subsystem Tape Punch IBM 101S Paper Tape Punch For Magnetic Tape Device Class x'so' X' 40' X' 20' X' 10
X' OS' Iape IBM 2401 Tape Drive
IBM 2415 Tape Drive
IBM 2420 Tape Drive IBM 3420 Tape Drive
IBM 3410/3411 Tape Drive For Direct Access storage Device Class
Code X'SO' X'SO' X'SO' X'SO' X'40' X'40' X' 10' X' 10' X'OS' X'02' X' 01' '-­ Fiqure 10. I.I.P.§ IBM 2301 Parallel Drum
IBM 2303 Serial Drum
IBM 2311 Disk Storage Drive
IBM 2321 Data Cell Drive
IBM 2314 Disk Storage Facility IBM 2319 Disk Storage Facility
IBM 3330 Disk Storage Facility
IBM 3333 Disk Storage and Control
IBM 3350 Disk Storage Facility IBM 2305 Fixed Head storage Device
IBM 3340 Disk Storage Facility CP Device Classes, Types, Models, and Features (Part 2 of 3)
part 1. Debugging with VM/370 61
r April 1, 1981 For Special Device Class Code i'eo' X' 40' X' 20' X' ou· X' 01' Channel-to-Channel Adapter (CTCA) 370x Programmable Communications Controller 3851 Mass storage Controller S RF (7443) device
Device unsupported by VM/370 MODEL CODES (Column 35 in Accounting Card)
As specified in the RDEVICE macro at system generation. FEATURE CODES (Column 36 in Accounting Card) For Printer Devices X'01' For Magnetic Tape Devices 80' X'UO' X' 20' X' 10' Igat.!IT.§ 7-Track
Dual Density
Data Conversion For Direct Access storage Devices X' 80' X' 40' X' 20' X, 10' X'08' X' 04' X' 02' X' 01' Feature RotatIonal posit.ion Sensing (RPS) Extended Sense Bytes (24 bytes)
Top Half of 2314 Used as 2311
Bottom Half of 2314 Used as 2311
35MB Data Module (mounted) 70MB Dat a Module (mounted)
Reserve/Felease are valid CCW operation codes 3330V virtual MSS volume For special devices X' 10' X'20' Feature Type-r-channel adapter for 370X Type II channel adapter for 370X L
Figure 10. CP Device Classes, Types, Models, and Features (Part 3 of 3) n2 IBM Gui1e
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