The address of the first RCUBLOK is found in the
(displacement X'3BS') of the PSA. General register 7
current RCUBLOK. Examine the following fields: ARlOCU field
points to the 1. The RCUADD field (displacement X'OO') contains the real control
unit address.
2. The value of the RCUSTAT field (displacement X'04') describes the
status of the control unit:
3. 4. 5.
7. S. Value of RCUSTAT X'SO,-- X'40' X'20' X'OS' X'04' X'02' X' 0 l' Comllents Contror-unit busy lOB scheduled On control unit
Control unit disabled RCUCHA to RCHBLOK path not available RCUCHB to RCHBLOK path not available RCUCHC to RCHBLOK path not available RCUCHD to RCHBLOK path not available RCUCHA (displacement 1'10') points to the Primary RCHBLOK. RCUCHB (displacement 1
points to the first alternate RCHELOK. RCUCHC (displacement I'1S') points to the second altsrnate RCHBLOK. RCUCHD (displacement X' 1C') points to the third alternate RCHBLOK.
The value of the RCUTYPE field (displacement X' 05') describes the
type of the real control unit:
Comments Value of RCUTYPE X'SO'-- ThiS-Control unit can attach
Subordinate control unit
to only one subchannel X'40' X' 0 l' X'02' X'03' TCU is a 2701 TCU is a 2702 TCU is a 2703
The RCUFlOB field (displacement I'OS') points to
in the queue and the RCULIOB field (displacement
the last lOBLOK in the queue.
the first IOBLCK X'OC') points to
The address of the first RDEVBLOK is found in the ARIODV field
(displacement X'3BC') of the PSA. General register 8 points to the
current RDEVBLOK. Also, the VDEVREAL field X'24') of each YDEVBLOK contains the address of the associated RDEVBLOK. Examine the
following fields of the RDEVBLOK: 1. The RDEVADD field (displacement X'OO') contains the real device
address. Part 1. Debugging with V"/370 57
2. The values of the RDEVSTAT (displacement X'04') and RDEVSTA2 (displacement X'45') fields describe the status of the real device:
3. 58 Value of X'SO' X'40' X'20' X'10' X'OS' X'04' X'02' X' 01' Value of RDEVSTA2 X'SO,--- X'40' X'20' X' 10' The value of
device flags. Value of RDE!11!§ X'SO' X'40' X'20' X'10' X'OS' X'SO' X'40' X'20' X'10' X'OS' X'04' Value of RDEVFLAG X '02'--- X'Ol' X'SO' X'40' X'20' X'10' x'oS' X'04' X'02' X' 01' X'SO' X'40' X'20' X'10' X'OS' X'04' X'02' X' 01' Comments DevIce-busy lOB scheduled on device
Device disabled (offline)
Device reserved
Device in intensive error recording mode
Device intervention required Graf-IOBLOK pending; queue requests
Dedicated device (attached to a user) Comments ActIve-device is being reset
Device is busy with the channel
Contingent connection present
Logdrop/loghold indicated
the RDEVFLAG field (displacement X'OS') These flags are device-dependent. Comments nASD----ascending order seek DASD volume preferred for pag1ng DASD volume attached to system DASD CP-owned volume DASD volume mounted but not attached
Console terminal has print suppress
Console terminal executing prepare command
Console IOBLOK pending; queue request
Console 2741 terminal code identified
Console device is enabled
Console next interrupt from a halt I/O Comments Console-- Console Spooling Spooling spooling
spooling Spooling Spooling Spooling Spooling Special Special Special Special Special Special Special Special device is to be disabled 370X NCP resource in EP mode device output drained
device output terminated
device busy with accounting
force printer to single space
restart current file
backspace the current file
print/punch job separator UCS buffer verified
network control program is active
2701/2702/2703 emulation program is active 370X is in buffer slowdown mode automatic dump/load is enabled IOBLOK is pending; queue requests
emulator lines are in use by system
automatic dump/load process is active
basic terminal unit trace requested System Prcgram;er's
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