April 1, 1981 4. The value of the RDEVTYPC field (displacement X'06'; describes the
device type class and the value of the RDEVTYPE field (displacement describes the device type. Refer to Figure 10 for the list
of possible device type class and device type values.
5. The RDEVAIOB field (displacement X'2ij') contains the address of the
active IOBLOK. 6. The RDEVUSER field (displacement X'2S') points to the VMBLOK for a
dedicated user.
7. The RDEVATT field (displacement X'2C') contains the attached vit:'tual address. S. The RDEVIOER field (displacement X'4S') contains the address of the IOERBLOK for the last CP error.
9. Fot:' spooling unit record devices, the RDEVSPL field (displacement X'1S') points to the active RSPLCTL block. 10. Fot:' real 370X Communications Controllers, several pointer fields
are defined. The RDEVEPDV field (displacement X'1C') points to the
start of the free RDEVBLOK list for EP lines. The RDEVNICL field
(displacement X'3S') points to the network control list and the RDEVCKPT field (displacement X'3C') points to the CKPBLOK for
re-enable. Also, the RDEVMAX field (displacement X'2E') is the
hiqhest valid NCP resource name and the RDEVNCP field (displacement X'30') is the reference name of the active 3705 NCP. 11.
12. Fot:' terminal
the RDEVTFLG flags: Value of ]12E!ll1g X'SO' X'40' X'20' X'SO' X'ijO' X'20' X' 10' X'OS' X'04' X'02' devices, additional flags are defined. The value of
field (displacement X'3E') describes the additional
comments TermInal Terminal
logon process has been initiated
terminal in reset process
suppress attention signal
screen full, in "hold sta tus
screen full, more data waiting
screen in running status
read pending for screen input
last input not accepted
timer request pending CP command interrupt pending Fot:' terminals, an additional RDEVTMCD field (displacement
translation to be used:
flag is X'46') defined. The value of
describes the line
code Value of RDEVTMCD X'10'-- X'OC' X'OS' X'Oij' X'OO' comments ASCII-== S level keyboard APL correspondence keyboard APL PTTC/EBCD keyboard
Correspondence keyboard
PTTC/EBCD keyboard Part 1. Debuqging with VM/310 59
Page of GC20-1807-7 As Updated April 1, 1981 by TNL GN25-0829 ...-- DEVICE CLASS CODES X' 80' X'40' X' 20' X' 10' X' 08' X'04' X'02' DEVICE TYPE CODES Device Class Terminal Device Graphics Device
unit Record Input Device
unit Record Output Device
Magnetic Tape Device
Direct Access storage Device Special Device For Terminal Device Class X'80' X'40' X'40' X'20' X'20' X' 10' X' 18' X'18' X' 14' X' 1 C' X'Ol' X'OO' X'OO' X' 00' X' 00' X' 00' ice Binary Synchronous Line for 2700 Binary Synchronous Line
2955 Communication Line
Telegraph Terminal Control Type II
Teletype Terminal
IBM Terminal Control Type I
IBM 2741 Communication Terminal
IBM 3767 Communication Terminal IBM 1050 Data Communication System undefined Terminal Device
Dial Feature
IBM 3210 Console IBM 3215 Console IBM 2150 Console IBM 1052 Console IBM 7412 Console For Graphics Device Class X'80' X' 40' X'20' X' 10' X'08' X' 04' X'04' X'04' X' 04' X'04' X'04' X' 0 l' X'02' X'02' X' 02' X'02' X'02' Figure 10. Deyicg IBM 2250 Display Unit IBM 2260 Display Station IBM 2265 Display Station IBM 3066 Console IBM 1053 Printer IBM 3138 System Console IBM 3148 System Console IBM 3158 System Console IBM 3275 Display Station IBM 3276 Display Station IBM 3277 Display Station IBM 3278 Display Station IBM 3284 Printer IBM 3286 Printer IBM 3287 Printer IBM 3288 Printer
IBM 3289 Printer CP Device Classes, Types, Models, and Features (Part 1 of 3) 60 IBM VM/370 System Programmer's Guide
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