Aug 1, 1979
Summary of VM/370 Debugging Tools Figure 6 summarizes the VM/370 commands that are useful for debugging programs in a
virtual machine. The CP and CMS commands are classified by the function they perform r , Function comments Stop execu-ISet the ad- ADSTOP tion at a , dress stop
specified 1 before the
location , program 1 reaches the , specified , address. , CMS allows 1 16 address , stops to I be active , while CP I allows only , one , Resume I Resume BEGIN
execution I execution I where pro­ I gram was I 1 interrupted I CP Command
hexloc DEBUG BREAK DEBUG GO .., CMS Command 1 id
1-------------------------------------------------------------------- I Dump , 1 , I I I I 1 L
data IContinue BEGIN hexloc I execution I 1 at a speci-I I fic loca- I 1 tion I \Dump the , r r , I contents ofiDUMP {heXloc1 } I {-} Ihexloc21 I specific I Lhexloc'. I : I I storage I I L .J I locations I I r , I I , (.) ,bytecount, I I I I END 1 I I L L .J I I [ *dllmpid ] DEBUG GO {SymbOl} hexloc
, I DEBUG II , IDUMP II " " II .J I I r , r , Isymbol11 Isymbol21 Ihexloc11 Ihexloc21 I Q I 1 * I L .. 1 11& I L .J (ident] ______ -1 Figure 6. Summary of VM/370 Debugging Tools (Part' of 5)
32 IBM VM/370 System Programmer's Guide
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Function I Comments I CP Command I CMS Command t
------.---- ---------------------------------------------- ----------------------------1
Dump data VMDUMP pre>- I r ,
vides the tVKDUKPlhexloc11 same infe>- I I Q I mation thatl L .J DUMP pre>- 1 vides but t
in a dif- I ferent for-I mat; the I format is I compatible I with the I VK/lnter- I active , r , IIQ! I I TO userid I ISYSTEM i
L .J r ., {
-} I hexloc21
: I!;ND I L .J r , {.} I bytecount I 1m I L .J Problem I [ FORi'iAT [DSS]
control I System Ex- I tensions I program , product. 1 [*dumpid)
Figure 6. Summary of VM/370 Debugging Tools (Part 1A of 5) Part 1. Debugging with VM/370 32.1
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