cc=l Error condition. Register 15 contains the following:
R15=1 Device is either not attached or the virtual channel is
R15=5 Virtual device is busy or has an interrupt pending.
cc=2 Exception conditions.
Register 15 contains one of the
R15=3 Unit exception bit in device status byte=l Wrong length record detected.
cc=3 Error Condition:
R15=13 A permanent I/O error occurred or an unsupported device
was specified. The two rightmost positions of the
user's Ry register contain the first two sense bytes DIAGNOSE Code X'24' --Device Type and Features DIAGNOSE Code X'24' requests CP to provide a virtual machine with
identifying information and status information atout a specified virtual
device. The virtual machine must specify the virtual device for which
information is requested. CP returns information atout the virtual
device and associated real device in the Rx. Ry, and Ry+l registers. CP also provides a condition code identifying the specific device
information returned to the virtual machine. When a virtual machine issues DIAGNOSE Code X'24', the Rx register must contain the virtual device address for which information is
requested or the value negative 1 (-1). Specify -1 when the device is a
virtual console whose address is unknown to the virtual machine. When CP returns control to the virtual machine,
registers contain device information. The Ry
information about the virtual device and the Ry+l about the real device. If -1 was specified and CP
console, the Rx register contains information about
the Ry, Ry+l, and Bx
register contains
register informaticn
located the virtual
the virtual console.
CP obtains device information from three control blocks: virtual
device information from the virtual device block (VDEVBLOK), and real
device information from the real device block (RDEVBLOK) and from
NICBLOK. The following diagrams identify specific information returned by CP and show how to locate this information in the Rx, Ry, and Ry+1
registers. The symbolic names used in these diagrams are the symbolic
names used with VDEVBLOK, RDEVBLOK, and NICBLOK in 12gic Byte 0 RDEVTMCD - or -
NICTMCD Byte 1 Byte 2 Byte 3
address I 192 IBM VMj370 System Programmer's Guide
page of GC20-1807-7 As Updated April 1, 1981 by TNL GN25-0829 BDEVTMCD Terminal code bits defining the type of console and
- or -the translate table the console is using. BDEVTMCD is
NICTMCD for a local virtual console; NICTMCD for a remote 3270 virtual console r-- -----------------------------------------------------, I Byte 0 Byte 1 Byte 2 Byte 3 I I I I VDEVTYPC VDEVTYPE VDEVSTAT VDEVFLAG 1 L--- VDEVTYPC virtual device type class VDEVTYPE virtual device type VDEVSTAT virtual device status VDEVFLAG Virtual device flags
Byte 0 Byte 1 Byte 2
Byte 3 I --------------------------------------1 BDEVTYPC BDEVTYPE - or - NICDTYPE BDEVMDL - or -
NICHDL BDEVFTB I - or - 1 BDEVLLEN I - or - 1 NICLLEN I ___________________________________________________J RDEVTYPC Real device type class RDEVTYPE Real device type RDEVMDL Real device model number
RD EVFTR Real device feature code for a device other than a virtual
console RDEVLLEN Current device line length for a local virtual console NICDTYPE Real device type for a remote 3270 virtual console
NICMDL Real device model number for a remote 3270 virtual console
NICLLEN Current device line length for a remote virtual console
Part 2. Control Program (CP) 193
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