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198.2 IBM VM/370 System Programmer's Guide
DIAGNOSE Code X'50' -- Save the 370X Control
Program Image DIAGNOSE Code X'SO' (Privilege class A, B, or C only) invokes the CP module D8KSNC to (1) validate the parameter list and (2) write the
page-format image of the 370X control program to the appropriate system
voiume. When a 370X control program load module is created, the CMS service
program SAVENCP builds a communications controller list (CCPARM) of
control information. It passes this information to CP via a DIAGNOSE Code X'SO'. The register specified as Rx contains the virtual address of the
Farameter list (CCPARK) e The Ry register is ignored on entry. Upon return, the Ry register contains the following error codes: 044
435 'ncpname' was not found in system name table. System volume specified not currently available.
Insufficient space reserved for program and system control
information. System volume specified is not a CP-owned volume.
Paging error while writing saved system. DiAGNOSE Code X'54' -- Control the Function of the
PA2 Function Key DIAGNOSE Code X'S4' controls the function of the PA2 function The PA2 function key can be used either to simulate an external interrupt to
a virtual machine or to clear the output area of a display screen.
The function performed depends upon how Rx is specified when DIAGNOSE Code X'S4' is issued. If Rx contains a nonzero value, the PA2 key
simulates an external interrupt to the virtual machine. If Rx contains
a value of zero, the PA2 key clears the output area of the display
The external interrupt is simulated only when the display screen is
in the VK READ* HOLD, or KORE status and the TERMINAL APL ON command has
heen issued. DIAGNOSE Code X'58' -- 3270 Virtual Console Interface
Execution of DIAGNOSE Code X'S8' allows a virtual machine to display
large amounts of data on a 3270 in a very rapid fashion. It is possible
to display the entire 3270 screen with one write operation instead of 22
writes (one for each line in the output area of a 3270 screen).
The register specified as Rx contains the address of the console CCW string. The Ry register contains (in bits 16 throllgh 31) the device
address of the virtual console.
To specify the display CCi, use the following assembler language
instructions: DS OD
DC X'19', AL3 (dataddr), AL1(flags), AL1(ctl), AL2(count) Part 2. Control Program (CP) 199
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