Suppressing Passwords Entered on the
Command-Line CP optionally rejects LOGON or LINK commands that have the password
entered on the same line as the command. these commands prp.vents passwords from being displayed or from being printed without masking -- a password means overprinting the password so it
cannot be read. This capability is also available to virtual machines that issue LINK commands via DIAGNOSE Code X'08'. For a description of DIAGNOSE Code X'08', see the section "DIAGNOSE Instruction in a virtual To request password suppression, specify it as an option on the SYSJRL macro instruction in module during system generation of VM/370. Once requested, password suppression is always on: an operator
cannot turn it off. 230 IBM VM/370 System Programmer's Guide
Part 3. Conversational Monitor System (CMS) Part 3 contains the following information: Introduction to CMS Interrupt Handling Functional Information (How CMS Works)
Register usage DMSNUC structure Storage structure
Free storage management SVC handling How To Add a Command or EXEC Procedure to CMS as Macro Simulation DOS/VS Support Under CMS CMS Support for as and DOS VSAM Functions Saving the CMS system Batch Monitor Auxiliary Directories Assembler. Virtual Storage Requirements Part 3. Conversational Monitor System (CftS) 231
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