Logging I/O Activity
The RSCS component of VM/370 contains a facility for logging all I/O act1v1ty on a particular teleprocessing link. this logging feature can be utilized if a problem arises where tracing I/O activity on a line
becomes a necessity.
The RSCS operator can turn the feature on and off by issuing the RSCS CMD command with the LOG or NOLOG operand. The format of the CMD command, when used to control logging, is as follows: CMD L
linkid LOG NOLOG linkid {LOG } NOLOG , I I is the location identifier for the link on which logging is to
be performed.
is the keyword that starts the logging of I/C activity.
is the keyword that stops the logging of I/O activity.
The loggIng output Is a printer spool file containing a one-line
record for each I/O transaction on the teleprocessing line. A
transaction is defined as any read or write of a teleprocessing buffer. When logging is turned off, the output is spooled to a printer. The distribution code on the printer output is the linkid that
was specified in the CMD command.
The output log record is printed in hexadecimal notation unless
otherwise noted. 340 IBM VMj370 System Programmer's Guide
The SML Log Record
The contents of the log record are as follows:
71-86 The r1rst 21 bytes of the teleprocessing buffer, including BSC bytes, KULTI-LEAVING bytes, and enough initial bytes of data
to fill the field.
For read I/O: the last seven bytes of the CSW. For write I/C: The first seven bytes of the SML buffer header that is used
internally by SML but not transmitted. The first three bytes of the RSCS I/O synchronous lock fer
this transaction.
The sense byte.
The ccw associated with the I/O operation. SAMPLES OF READ AND WRITE RECORDS FOR SML 1070 1070 1002808FCF9094000026 1002818FCFA0940000 1002818FCF9491C140009483C140009483:1400094 1070 10028 28FCF9 483C8C6C9D3: 57A 40:4E7 87C 4C 5E 7C 5
323D 100 2828FCF9 483E4C4C5E2E37A40C806E 2E 30 3::: 90 5 1070 10028 38FCF9 481CC50D5E40 4C2C 50 9407E 4050F 100 1070 10028 48FCF9 481FF5C5C5C40C3C lE 4E 2C 5E240E 3C 8 1070 1002858FCF9481C7C3D740D84007C6009481E350E3 1070 21 BSC, KULTILEAVING AND DATA BYTES TP BUFFER 0779C80COO018E 800000 00 0207100720000190 0779C 80C 00018E 000000 00 0107100760000002 0779C80COO0186 80.0000 00 0207100720000190 0779C 80C 000 186 800000 00 0107100760000009 0779C 80c 00003C 800000 00 0207100720000190 0779C 80: 00003C 800000 00 0107119F60000002 0779C 80E 000 190 800000 01 0207119F20000190 0779C80EOOO05C 800000 02 0207119F20000190 0779C80EOOO05C 000000 00 0107119F60000002 0779C 80C OOOOOC 800000 00 0207119F20000190 0779C 80:00000C 000000 00 0107100760000002 0779C 80c 000008 800000 00 0207100720000190 0779C 80: 000008 000000 00 0107119F60000002 0779C 80:::: 000003 800000 00 0207119F20000190 0779C 80::; 000003 000000 00 0107100760000002 0779C80COOOOE7 800000 00 0207100720000190 0779C 80COOOOE7 000000 00 0107119F60000002 SML INTERNAL SYNCH SENSE CCW BUFFER LOCK - OR -
ADDR STATUS COUNT BYTES CSW Part 4. Remote Spooling Communications Subsystem (RSeS) 341
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