2. Value of VMRSTAT -i'80'- X'40' X'20' X' 10' X'08' X'04' X'02' X' 01' comments wiIting- executing console function Waiting page operation Waiting -- scheduled IOBLOK start Waiting -- virtual PSi wait state Waiting -- instruction simulation User not yet logged on User logging off Virtual machine in idle wait state
The virtual machine dispatching status is
(displacement X'59'). The value of this
dispatching status:
contained in VftDSTAT field indicates the Value of VMDSTAT --xtSO'- X'40' X'20' X'10' X'08' X'04' X'02' X' 01' £oml!!!nt§ Virtual machine is dispatched RUN USER Virtual machine is compute bound Virtual machine in-queue time slice end Virtual machine in TIO/SIO busy loop Virtual machine runnable Virtual machine in a queue Virtual machine in eligible list
Reflect an external interrupt to a virtual machine
3. Examine the virtual PSW and the last virtual machine privileged
instruction. The virtual machine PSi is saved in VftPSW (displacement X'A8') and the virtual machine privileged or tracing
instruction is saved in VftINST (displacement X'98'). 4. Find the name of the last CP command that executed in VftCOftND (displacement X'148'). 5. Check the status of I/O activity,.
pertinent information.
The following fields contain
a. VMPEND (displacement X'63') contains
summary flag. The value of VMPEND interrupt.
the interrupt pending
identifies the type of Value of VMPEND --i'80'- X'40' X'20' X' 10' x'08' X'02' X'Ol' Comments Deferred task waiting for system lock
(attached processor mode) Virtual PER (program Event Recording)
interrupt pending Virtual program interrupt deferred Virtual SVC interrupt deferred Virtual pseudo page fault pending Virtual I/O interrupt pending Virtual external interrupt pending
b. VMFSTAT (displacement X'6S') contains the virtual machine
features. Value of !MFSTA! X'SO' X
X'20' Value of VMMLVL2 --VSO' Comments iIrtual-block multiplexer channles
Autopoll handshake option in use User requested virtual timer request Co,!!!men!§ Receiving all informational messages
c. VMIOINT (displacement X'6A') contains the I/O interrupt pending
flag. Each bit represents a channel (0 through An
interrupt pending is indicated by a 1 in the corresponding bit
d. Value of VMIOINT 10000000 00000000 01000000 00000000 00000000 00000001 Interrupt pending channel 0 Interrupt pending channel 1
Interrupt pending channel 15 VMIOACTV (displacement X'36') active channel is indicated
is the active channel mask. An
by a 1 in the corresponding bit
The address of the VCHBLOK table is found in the VMCHSTRT field
(displacement X'1S') of the VMBLOK. General register 6 contains the
address of the active VCHBLOK. Examine the following fields:
1. The virtual channel address is contained in VCHADD (displacement X'OO'). 2. The status of the virtual channel is found in the VCHSTAT field
(displacement X'06'). The value of this field indicates the virtual
channel status: Value of VCHSTAT if80'-- X'40' X'01' Comments iIrtual-channel busy Virtual channel class interrupt pending Virtual channel dedicated
3. The value of the VCHTYPE field (displacement X'07') indicates the
virtual channel type: Value of VCHTYPE i'80'-- X'40' Comments iIrtual-selector channel Virtual block multiplexer Part 1. Debugging with VM/370 53
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