Aug 1, 1979
If the RSCS message DMTREX090T PROGRAM CHECK IN SUPERVISOR -- RSCS SHUTDOWN was issued, the program check handler has terminated RSCS due to a
program check interrupt in other than a dispatched line driver. A dump
of virtual storage is automatically taken. A programming error is the
probable cause.
The wait state code is loaded by DMTREX at RSCS termination or
automatically during program check handling.
If neither of the last two messages was issued, use the CP DUMP command to dump the contents of virtual storage. Do an IPL to restart
the system. If the problem persists, notify the system support
personnel. !AI1 STATE A program check interrupt has occurred during
initial processing, before the program check handler could be activated.
This may be caused by a programming error or by an attempt to load RSCS into an incompatible virtual machine. The latter case can occur if the
virtual machine has (1) an incomplete instruction set, (2) less than
512K of virtual storage, or (3) does not have the required VM/370 DIAGNOSE interface support. The wait state code is loaded automatically
during the initial loading and execution of the RSCS supervisor, DMTINI, DMTREX, DMTAXS, or DMTLAX. Verify that the RSCS virtual machine configuration has been correctly
specified and that the "retrieve subsequent file descriptor" function of DIAGNOSE Code X'14' is supported. Dump the contents of virtual storage
via the CP DUMP command. If the problem persists, notify the
installation support personnel. !AI! CODE An unrecoverable error occurred when reading the RSCS nucleus from DASD storage. This may be caused by a hardware
malfunction of the DASD. It may also be the result of an incorrect
virtual DASD definition, an attempt to use a system residence device
unsupported by RSCS, incorrect RSCS system generation procedures, or the
subsequent overwriting of the RSCS nucleus on the system residence
device. The wait state code is loaded by DMTINI after an attempt,
successful or not, to issue the message: DMTINI402T IPL DEVICE READ I/O ERROR Verify that the RSCS system residence device has been properly
defined as a virtual DASD and that the real DASD is mounted and
operable. If the problem persists, dump virtual storage via the CP DUMP command and notify the installation support personnel. The RSCS system
residence device may have to be restored or the RSCS system may have to
be regenerated.
Whenever RSCS has no task ready for execution, DMTDSP loads a masked-on
wait state PSW with a code of hexadecimal zeros. This occurs during
normal RSCS operation and does not indicate an error condition. An
external interrupt due to command entry or an I/O interrupt due to the
arrival of files automatically resumes processing.
Part 1. Debugging with VM/370 31
Aug 1, 1979
Summary of VM/370 Debugging Tools Figure 6 summarizes the VM/370 commands that are useful for debugging programs in a
virtual machine. The CP and CMS commands are classified by the function they perform r , Function comments Stop execu-ISet the ad- ADSTOP tion at a , dress stop
specified 1 before the
location , program 1 reaches the , specified , address. , CMS allows 1 16 address , stops to I be active , while CP I allows only , one , Resume I Resume BEGIN
execution I execution I where pro­ I gram was I 1 interrupted I CP Command
hexloc DEBUG BREAK DEBUG GO .., CMS Command 1 id
1-------------------------------------------------------------------- I Dump , 1 , I I I I 1 L
data IContinue BEGIN hexloc I execution I 1 at a speci-I I fic loca- I 1 tion I \Dump the , r r , I contents ofiDUMP {heXloc1 } I {-} Ihexloc21 I specific I Lhexloc'. I : I I storage I I L .J I locations I I r , I I , (.) ,bytecount, I I I I END 1 I I L L .J I I [ *dllmpid ] DEBUG GO {SymbOl} hexloc
, I DEBUG II , IDUMP II " " II .J I I r , r , Isymbol11 Isymbol21 Ihexloc11 Ihexloc21 I Q I 1 * I L .. 1 11& I L .J (ident] ______ -1 Figure 6. Summary of VM/370 Debugging Tools (Part' of 5)
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