October 1, 1979 INTRODUCTION
OTYPE should be used to get a printout of the file as it
appears online, reflecting the current Viewing Specifications
Viewspecs Online Display (_________) (see ______________ below).
Hypertext ____________
A FRESS file can be given capabilities for non-linear travel,
information retrieval, and sophisticated online display.
Hypertext These facilities are all derived from _________, special text
created by various editing commands, not entered literally.
Structure Hypertext (_________) gives a file the framework necessary for
elaborate manipulation. Rather than scanning for literal text,
particular types of Hypertext can be retrieved, enabling
non-linear travel through the file. Hypertext is also used to
Blocks selectively retrieve ______ of text (see below). The different
types of Hypertext do not appear in the formatted printout (except
for Decimal Labels) and can optionally be suppressed online:
Labels ______: A Label is simply a location in the file to which the
user has chosen to give a name of up to sixteen characters
(see MLABEL). GLABEL is used to move display to exactly the
Labeled point in the file. These Labels should be used to
access standard or important places in the file, regardless
of how much editing is done.
Blocks ______: Arbitrarily long chunks of text can be grouped into
logical units called Blocks. When MBLOCK is issued, the text
specified is surrounded with special Hypertext characters.
This Block can then be manipulated as a single unit, greatly
simplifying an operation such as moving (see the Block
qualifier in Section 5.5). It is also possible to travel
from one end of the Block to the other using JUMP. A Block
Decimal Label may also contain a ______________ (section number) that
appears in formatted output (see IDBLOCK, MDBLOCK). The
Decimal Label is dynamically updated when Decimal Blocks are
rearranged. Furthermore, Hypertext references to these
Tags Blocks called ____, are dynamically updated if the number of
the Decimal Block changes. Decimal Blocks may be imbedded
several levels deep, but are easily distinguished online when
the proper viewing specifications are set (see SVIEW).
Blocks may also be coded for boolean retrieval and/or for
selective online viewing (e.g., some Blocks can be made
"invisible" -- see SKDISPLAY).
Jumps/Splices _____________: It is possible to piece together separate
parts of the same file or separate files with conditional
Jumps and Splices (see MJUMP, MSPLICE). Two points are
logically connected (both for editing or for formatting) when

Not sequentially (line-by-line).
6 -- Section 1.3anual Release 9.1
October 1, 1979 INTRODUCTION
a special Keyword string is properly set (see SKJUMP). The
presence of this type of Hypertext allows the user to travel
from one end of the jump to the other via JUMP, even when the
Keywords are not set.
Areas _____: An Area is a segment of the Text or Work Space (see
File Structure _______________ below) through which linear travel commands
may not pass. Areas are useful for keeping text and
Hypertext that is related to the main corpus, associated with
will not a file, but out of the main stream where it ________ be
FULLPRINTed (unless there is a Jump or Splice into the Area).
See NAREA and SPLAREA for more information.
Online Display _________________
FRESS has an extensive interactive online display program which
allows the user to vary the way a file appears online. Variable
Viewing Specifications determine which part of the file is to
appear online, and in what form (see SVIEW). The text can be
right justified and the various types of Hypertext can be
optionally viewed. Several formatting codes, such as those for a
new paragraph, indentation, new line, etc., can take effect at the
terminal. This helps to give a better idea of how the document
will appear when it is fully formatted. In addition, portions of
text (Blocks with Display Keywords) can be made to selectively
"disappear" so that the user does not see them when the file is
edited or printed.
Key Delimiter ________________
Most commands take one or more parameters and many have
parameters which themselves have several options. The character
Key separating the command from the first parameter is called the ___
delimiter _________; it must also be used to separate each parameter.
Options within a parameter must use a delimiter other than the Key
delimiter. For clarity, a blank may separate the command and the
Key delimiter. It is also possible to use a blank as the Key
delimiter (but then the blank fill character, "_", must be used to
indicate blanks within parameters -- see Section 3).
Deferrals ____________
Editing commands do not restrict the location or the scope of
the edit to the Editing Buffer (see <lp> and <scope> in Section
deferred 5.7). Either can be ________ to another place in the same or
FRESS Resource Manualnual Release 9.1 Section 1.3 -- 7
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