October 1, 1979 COMMAND LISTS
15.1.4 System Commands ______________________
Add Password AP
Copy File CF
Change Password CP
Delete Password DP
Execute CMS Command CM
End FRESS Session E
Free File F
Find Error FE
FRESS Message Control FMSG
Fullprint FU
Get File G
Make File MF
Set Macro Identifier MI
Offline Read O
Offline Type OT
Pack File PF
Query Q
Scratch File SF
15.2 Implied Insert Commands ____________________________
Each one of the following commands sets the Implied Insert
Pointer when issued. Implied Insert Pointers are explained in
Implied Insert Point Section 1.3 under ____________________.
Copy From Work CFW
Insert I
Insert Annotation IA
Insert Block IBL
Insert Decimal Block ID
Make Decimal Reference MDR
Make Decimal Reference Deferred MDRD
Move From Work MFW
Make Label ML
Make Picture Reference MPR
Refer To Annotation RTA
Splitarea SPL
FRESS Resource Manual Release 9.1 FRESS Appendix D.2 -- 275
October 1, 1979 -276- PROBLEMS AND MESSAGES
16 PROBLEMS AND MESSAGES ________________________
16.1 Types of Problems ______________________
As with all large-scale software systems, the FRESS user may at
some point encounter a "bug" in the FRESS program. This problem
may manifest itself in several ways:
A command may not work as expected. Before seeking aid, check
the appropriate FRESS manual and be sure the nature of the
command used is fully understood. If there are still
questions, contact a member of the FRESS staff (see Section
If any messages are received and the user does not feel
responsible for the indicated error, it may also indicate a
problem in the file. The command should first be repeated to
make certain it was not mistyped or that a transmission error
between the terminal and the computer was not the cause. The
user should then make a note of the last few commands executed
(saving the listing from the terminal session if possible) and
contact a FRESS staff member.
If the explanation of a message below says "contact FRESS
staff" there is a possibility that one or more active files
have something wrong with them. The user should always do a
REVERT in case the previous edit was the cause of the problem
and make a note of the last commands executed. A member of the
FRESS staff should then be contacted to determine the nature of
the problem.
FRESS Resource Manual Release 9.1
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