(6) A file (macfile) set up to store all format code macro
definitions is retrieved. The next two lines locate the
new end of the format macros delimiter, and the new macro
defined in line four is inserted. &COMMENT _________________
An easy way to optionally monitor progress through a macro or
to document what a macro does, is by including this function on a
command line:


literal <comments>...the _______ text to be typed at the terminal (i.e.,
No no parameter substitution will occur). __
apostrophes ___________ ("'") are allowed in <comments>.
Notes _____
The MCOMMENT command controls when these "macro comments" will
be typed.
For clear internal documentation of a Command Macro it is often
desirable to include a comment on the end of a command line.
To make sure that intervening blanks between the end of the
command and the &C'<comments>' are not included in the command
line the FRESS command seperator (">") should be used (see
example in the section above).
When the Display Mode is to be temporarily overridden (see
Section 2.3) on lines in which there are <comments>, the
"&C'<comments'" must immediately follow the period or modifier
no intervening blanks (if present) with _____________________.
FRESS Resource Manual Release 9.1 FRESS RSection 7.2 -- 253
Examples ________
i/&1/NOT &C'negate it' __________________________
the text string "NOT " is inserted after &1
i/&1/NOT> &C'negate it' ___________________________
the text string "NOT" is inserted after &1
10>p 10 .*&C'print next 10 lines' __________________________________
this is valid
10>p 10 .* &C'print next 10 lines' _____________________________________
10>p 10 .*> &C'print next 10 lines' _____________________________________
invalid these are _______ because the last characters on the command
line are not " .*" &IDENTIFIER ____________________
A way of setting a global variable is to include the "&I"
function in a command line:


Notes _____
The value of &I is set by the MIDENTIFIER command.
If the string set by MIDENTIFIER is shorter than 4 characters
it will be padded on the right with blanks.
Example _______:
Consider the macro:
This macro can be used to insert either a Decimal Block, or a
regular Block, if &I is set to either ID, or IBL respectively.
(The three parameters are for the <lp>, <label>, and <text>.
254 -- Section 7 Release 9.1 FRESS Resource Manual
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