& LP character (ampersand)
DEFINITION: A different character other than the
last character of a string can be
specified as the LP character when an
ampersand is used in <scope> or <lp>
(see Section 5.3).
LITERAL: Use <n>*3 symbols in <scope> or <lp>
parameters, <n> symbols all other times.
LP separator ("or bar")
DEFINITION: Line and character displacements into
the editing buffer can be specified
before a given command is executed in
conjunction with this character (see
Section 5.3).
LITERAL: In pattern parameters of command lines
only if it follows one or two signed
numbers at the beginning of the
parameter, <n>+1 symbols represent <n>
symbols. [!79]
%% multi-cap delimiter (double "percent" signs)
DEFINITION: In an input string or a single line of
Input Mode, all alphabetic characters
are capitalized between a beginning and
ending %%; if the second %% is left off,
the remainder of the string or line is
capitalized; if the second %% is left
off in OREAD or Swift Input Mode, then
the input is capitalized until another
%% is encountered on another line or
until Input Mode is exited (see Section
2). In Command Mode, if %% is
specified, a carriage return implies a
closing %% if it wasn't specified.
LITERAL: !/!/ [!63!63]
24 -- Section 3 Release 9.1 FRESS Resource Manual
¬ special blank ("not" sign)
DEFINITION: During FULLPRINT, a "not" sign ("¬") is
translated to a blank but is regarded as
a text character by the justification
algorithm (see Appendix A).
LITERAL: [!62]
% Structure code delimiter ("percent" sign)
DEFINITION: All Structure (Hypertext) is delimited
by "%", which means that no "%" can
appear literally in a file.
LITERAL: !/ [!63]
- qualifier separator (hyphen)
DEFINITION: There are five qualifiers that can
modify the <scope> of a command when the
command is followed directly (no
intervening blanks) by a hyphen ("-")
and one of the modifiers: "b"-Block,
"c"-character, "l"-line, "o"-Structure
order, or "w"-word (see Section 5.5 for
a complete description).
LITERAL: no restrictions [!96]
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