TABLE of tab columns


!+TABLE+ define table of tab column boundaries ________________________________________________
This code puts the user into Table Mode: text is formatted into
one or more columns bounded as specified, which are directly
accessible using a tab code (!-T<x>- or !-U<x>-).


<bounds> ________: <index>=<left>,<right>[<mod>]
L _

<index>...the tab number
<left>....the column in which the text column begins
<right>...the column in which the text column ends
<mod>.....a positional modifier:
C...the text is centered within the column
L _...the text is left justified within the column
R...the text is right justified within the column
NOTES _____
This code is similar (but unrelated) to !+SETTAB+, except that
rather than specifying a single position, it defines two column
positions, the left and right boundaries of the table entry
(slot), between which the text following the tab code is
Each new line code (!-S<n>-) specifies the beginning of a new
table row (as well as spacing "n" lines), whereas each tab code
(!-T<x>- or !-U<x>-) specifies the beginning of a new table
not slot (but ___ a new line).
Any text following a tab code too large for a column is
automatically continued on the next line (at the proper column
60 -- Section 4. Release 9.1 FRESS Resource Manual
TABLE of tab columns
WARNINGS ________
must be preceded by a tab code All entries of a table ______________________________. If not,
the text in the rightmost part of the table will lose one or
more characters on that line when FULLPRINTed.
Table codes should always appear in the file in pairs; a null
table code ("!+TABLE+") should follow the table to end Table
Mode so that subsequent tabs, tables and justification will
work correctly.
If a table slot is defined that exceeds the current line width
(!+WIDTH+), the table will not be formatted properly, though no
error message will be printed.
EXAMPLES ________
!-s2-leading text!+table1=11,25;2=31,45+
!-s1;u1-I wonder what heaven will be like. And will they be
able to change a twenty dollar bill?!-u2-Marshmallows will melt
on a hot day in Providence where the rain always shines.
!-s3;u1-It's difficult to be objective when a tree falls on
your head.!-u2-Melnick wants all government officials to dress
like hens.
!+table+!-s3-trailing text
leading text

I wonder what Marshmallows
heaven will be will melt on a
like. And will hot day in
they be able to Providence
change a twenty where the rain
dollar bill? always shines.

It's difficult Melnick wants
to be objective all government
when a tree officials to
falls on your dress like
head. hens.

trailing text
FRESS Resource Manual Release 9.1 FRESS ReSection 4.3 -- 61
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