October 1, 1979 FORMA-26-G OVERVIEW
4 FORMATTING ____________
4.1 OVERVIEW ____________
FRESS has five general types of formatting codes. The format
of each is given in the box to the left of each description below.
The general format is:


Alter codes ___________

!+<code>[<data>]+ This type of code is used to specify
long-lasting formatting specifications,
such as page margins and line width.
Alter codes can also be used to print
the current date. An alter code takes
effect on the first physical page of
output in which it is imbedded, thus, if
there are two of the same type of alter
codes which conflict on the same page,
Example the last will override. _______:
"!+settab1=15;2=25+" (set tab stops at
Edit codes __________

!-<code>[<data>]- This type of code is used for local text
formatting such as starting new
paragraphs, new lines or pages, tabbing,
indenting, and centering. Edit codes
affect only their unique place in the
Example text. _______: "!-s3
FRESS Resource Manual Release 9.1
Macro codes ___________

!.<macroname>. These codes are user-defined. They can
be any mixture of format codes and/or
text strings; a common usage is as an
abbreviation for a long text string
Example _______: "!.usa." (to abbreviate United
Special Character codes _______________________

!<nnn> These codes allow the user to enter into
the file, system delimiters and
characters not available on a standard
Example keyboard. _______: "!175" specifi
Underscore codes ________________

!(0<data>!) When these codes surround a text string,
it is underlined during FULLPRINT.
Example _______: "!(0underlined!)" prints as
FRESS Resource Manualnual Release 9.1 Section 4.1 -- 27
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