!+WIDOW+ set widow level (stand-alone lines) ______________________________________________
This code sets the number of lines allowed to stand alone at
the top and bottom of a page (or column, when column justification
is in effect -- see Appendix A).


<lines>...the number of lines that can stand alone
NOTES _____
The default widow value is twice the current spacing value as
specified by the space code (!+SPACE+).
This code is useful in helping to avoid stray lines at the
bottom or top of a page.
The last <lines> lines of a paragraph will not be allowed to
sit alone at the top of a page, nor will a new paragraph be
started if it will only have <lines> in it at the bottom of a
page, because of this code.
68 -- Section 4. Release 9.1 FRESS Resource Manual


!+WIDTH+ set width of text line _________________________________
This code sets the maximum number of characters in a line.

65 __

NOTES _____
If the number of blank character positions left on a line is
smaller than the size of the next word because !+WIDTH+ is
smaller than the word or because of a tab, the width of a line
will be extended by one character. The word in question will
be split over two lines and a hyphen ("-") will be inserted in
the right margin after the split.
When this code is issued, any default column boundaries are
also reset.
The maximum !+WIDTH+ is 110 spaces (unless the "Large" option
of FULLPRINT is specified, which allows 132).
EXAMPLES ________
!+WIDTH63+ __________
The correct width for thesis paper.
!+WIDTH132+ ___________
The 132 character width allowed when the "Large" option of
FULLPRINT is specified.
!+WIDTH65+ __________
A width of 65 characters (the default).
FRESS Resource Manual Release 9.1 FRESS ReSection 4.3 -- 69
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