October 1, 1979 KEYWORD STRINGS
14.3 Keyword Space __________________
The Keyword Space _________________ is a system-defined Space in which the user's
Keywords are entered alphabetically by Keyword and Attribute, and
alphabetically by Value for each Attribute. Values are listed
both with the Attribute, and separately. The number of pieces of
each type of Structure on which each Keyword or value is entered
on the same line.
The Keyword Space is useful for making global changes on a
particular Keyword. If a Keyword is edited in this Space, the
change will be reflected in all places in the file where that
Keyword is used. However, the Keyword Space can not be used as
a point from which JUMP would allow non-linear travel to the
Structure which contains each Keyword.
EXAMPLES ________
A sample Keyword Space might appear like this:
design 3 %<
design 3 %<
hardware 1 %<
interactive 2 %<
passive 1 %<
software 1 %<
graphics 1 %<
hardware 1 %<
interactive 2 %<
passive 1 %<
software 3 %<
sysproglang 1 %< 2 %J 2 %P
text-processing 2 %< 2 %T
The Attribute "graphics," has 5 values in this file; the
Keyword "sysproglang" appears on 2 Jump/Pmuj pairs as well as
on a Block.
FRESS Resource Manual Release 9.1 FRESS Appendix C.3 -- 271
October 1, 1979 COMMAND LISTS
15 COMMAND LISTS ________________
abbreviation Commands are listed alphabetically by ____________ in this
15.1 Ordered by Type ____________________
15.1.1 Display Commands _______________________
Block Trail Continuous BT
Block Trail Discrete BTD
Display Space DS
Change Window CW
Display Viewspecs DV
List Pictures LP
Macro Comment Control MC
Next N
Print P
Scroll SC
Set Display SD
Set Keyword Annotation String SK
Set Keyword Display SKD
Set Keyword Jump SKJ
Set Mode SM
Set Viewspecs SV
Set Window Configuration SW
Type T
Scroll <integer>
15.1.2 Editing Commands _______________________
Accept A
Bars BA
Bottom Input BI
Change C
Capitalize CA
Copy From Work CFW
Copy CO
Copy Picture COP
Change Picture Name CPI
Copy To Label CT
Copy To Work CTW
Delete D
Delete Picture Name DPI
Flip FL
272 -- Appendix C Release 9.1 FRESS Resource Manual
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