Offset<n> The output will be shifted <n> spaces to the
right, on every page.
sum The ___ of <n> and the value of the !+WIDTH+
must not exceed 110 alter code ____________________ (unless Large is
This option is in no way related to the !+OFFSET+
alter code for offsetting pages alternately on
the left and right, it is just a way of
increasing the left-margin at run-time.
Pdisk Instead of writing the formatted file to the
virtual printer, this option causes it to be
written to the primary (A) disk, appended to the
file "<file> LISTING A" (<file> is the same as
the FRESS file).
If "<file> LISTING A" does not exist, it is
The user should have 576K of virtual storage if
this option is to be used.
If a permanent formatted copy is not necessary,
the command "CMS SPOOL PRT COPY <n>" can be used
to obtain <n> copies instead of using this
Stop Output is automatically routed to the terminal.
The system waits for a carriage return before
each ____ page.
This option is useful for printing on
discontinuous forms (e.g., stationery on a
typewriter-like terminal).
physical To<n> The last page printed is ________ page <n> (not
numbered ________ page <n>).
The total number of pages printed is TO<n> -
FROM<n> + 1.
Upper All output will be in upper-case.
Video Special characters will translate to analogous
characters displayable on a CRT-type (video)
terminal (e.g., "[" prints as a "(" or "" rather
than a blank).
1403 Output is printed on the offline printer.
The minimum abbreviation for this option is "1."
2741 Output is routed to the terminal.
FULLPRINT waits for a carriage return before
beginning output.
The difference between "2741" and "Stop" is that
each "Stop" temporarily stops before ____ page, and
"2741" stops only at the beginning.
The minimum abbreviation for this option is "2."
150 -- Section 5 Release 9.1 FRESS Resource Manual
<pass>......The password on the file to be formatted [not
current necessary if <file> is the _______ file]. This
parameter can be omitted if the password of <file> is
"DEFAULT" (the default password).
<lp>........The location at which processing is to begin. If this
at the parameter is not specified, processing begins ______
top ___ of the file.
NOTES _____
Macro definitions must be included in the portion of the file
after _____ <lp>, or the macros will be undefined and flagged as
FULLPRINT runs independently of any online formatting in
If a formatting or Imbed error is detected during printing, the
line containing the error will be marked on the far right by
"****," and an error message will by typed at the terminal.
Undefined macros are ignored.
does not FULLPRINT ________ issue an implicit ACCEPT before execution.
RESTRICTIONS ____________
cannot A comma (",") ______ be used as the Key delimiter for this
command if <options> are to be specified.
cannot The Command Separator (">") ______ follow this command.
WARNINGS ________
FULLPRINT may not work properly. _________________________________ If it fails in the vicinity
of a footnote, try adjusting the file by inserting a few extra
lines, rearranging some of the text, or skipping to a new page
before the footnote.
RELATED COMMANDS ________________
FRESS Resource Manual Release 9.1 FRESS RSection 5.8 -- 151
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