October 1, 1979 HYPERTEXT
Unlike format codes, none of this Structure can be entered as
part of literal text input. Because of the fact that FRESS
maintains complex control information, specialized commands
(e.g., MJUMP, MSPLICE) must be used.

Data Field Type How Displayed May be attached to _______________ _____________ __________________:

Display Keyword within dollar signs Annotation Tags, Blocks,
Jumps/Pmujs, Imbed Tags,
Decimal Label within single quotes Decimal Label Tags,
Decimal Blocks
Label within parentheses locations, Block starts
Viewspecs within parentheses Jumps/Pmujs,
Keyword within double quotes Annotation Tags, Blocks,
Explainer followed by %% Jumps/Pmujs,
Picture name within single quotes picture reference tag

Figure B.2 -- Structure Data Fields ___________________________________
EXAMPLES ________
%< '1.3' $all;dkey$(label)"regkey1;regkey2"text in label%> __________________________________________________________
Decimal Block 1.3, with label "label", Keywords "regkey1"
and "regkey2," and Display Keywords "all" and "dkey"
%J(print)"keyed"this is the explainer%% _______________________________________
A Jump with Viewspec "print", Keyword "keyed," and Explainer
"this is the explainer"
FRESS Resource Manual Release 9.1 FRESS ApAppendix B -- 267
October 1, 1979 KEYWORD STRINGS
14 KEYWORD STRINGS __________________


The features described in this section do not always work
Weights Values properly, particularly _______ and ______. They have a higher
incidence of bugs than other FRESS facilities.

14.1 Keyword Specification __________________________
Keyword strings are made up of separate Keywords or
Attribute-Value pairs, separated by semicolons.
Values are like Keywords, but are used in conjunction with
modifying Attributes.
Attributes are separated from their Values by a colon. Only
one Value is allowed with an Attribute and vice versa.
Keywords and Values can also be weighted according to their
importance to the section in which they are used. Weights
range from 1-15 with 15 the most important. They must follow
the Keyword or Value, separated by a comma (e.g.,
Only one Weight "composer:Berlin,3" or "Berlin,4"). _______________ is allowed
per Keyword ____________ or Attribute-Value pair. A Weight of 0 or no
Weight at all indicates that the Keyword is universal and will
cause a match regardless of weight.
268 -- Appendix C Release 9.1 FRESS Resource Manual
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