BOXES AND GRIDS _______________
The following examples show how box (!-B-) and grid (!+GRID+)
codes can be intermixed. Assume that the leftmost line is in
column 0. In the explanations below, grid characters are
indicated by superscripts (illustrated at the bottom of the page).
[1] !-s2;b7,4-
< [2] !-s0;t*7-<!+grid(8-,c)3+

[3] !-s1;t*3-!+grid(b)2+
[4] !-s0;t*13;b7,3-!-t*16-!+grid(h)+
> [5] !-s0;t*3-!+grid(g9)+!-t*12->

[1] skip 2 lines; draw a box 7 characters wide, 4 characters deep.
[2] skip to a new line; start at column 8; draw a left arrow-head
("<"); horizontally expand a dash ("-") 8 places; vertically
expand upper-right-box character³ 3 lines.
[3] skip 1 line; start at column 3; vertically expand a
middle-box-down character¹ 2 characters.
[4] skip to a new line, start at column 13; draw a box 7
characters wide and 4 characters deep; go to the 17th column
and add a middle-box-up character.
[5] skip to a new line; start at column 4; horizontally expand a
lower-left-box 9 characters, go to column 13, draw a right
arrow-head (">").
[6] !+grid( 4,-,b2)2,( 2,d3,e3,f),( 5,)+

[7] !-s3-!+grid(d5,e5,f),( 5,)4,( 4,-,h2)+

[6] vertically expand for 2 lines [4 blanks, a
dash ("-"), a middle-box-down¹ horizontally
expanded 2 characters]; 2 blanks, horizontally
expand a right-cross 3, horizontally expand
a cross 3, left-cross; 5 blanks,
vertical marker ("").
[7] skip 3 lines; horizontally expand a right-cross 5,
horizontally expand a cross 5, left-cross; vertically
expand for 4 lines [5 blanks, vertical-marker ("")]; expand
horizontally [4 blanks, dash ("-"), middle-box-up] 2
¹... ¹... ³...
... ... ...
... ... ...
44 -- Section 4. Release 9.1 FRESS Resource Manual
STEP-BY-STEP EXAMPLE ____________________
The following is a step-by-step example of how the square grid
used in Figure 4-3 was produced. In each step, additions to the
GRID code are underlined.
1. The grid was to start in column 24, after skipping two blank
lines on the page. Text within the grid was to start in
column 26. (discussion is limited to the grid on the right in
Figure 4-3.) To position the grid correctly, the following
edit and alter codes were used:
2. To "draw" the top line, the grid symbols A, B, and C were
needed. A and B were expanded to a length of 4 characters in
the horizontal direction, and the pattern generated by the
string B4 was needed twice (an iteration factor of two).
(a4,2b4,c) GRID code: !+grid__________+
3. The top line of the grid had to be expanded to a length of
two in the vertical direction; this was done by placing the
vertical expansion number "2" after the row.
2 GRID code: !+grid(a4,2b4,c)_+

4. Using the grid symbols D, E, and F, a horizontal subgrid was
added to the grid. As in step 1, symbols D and E were
expanded and an iteration number was used to generate the
pattern represented by "E4" twice.
,(d4,2e4,f) GRID code: !+grid(a4,2b4,c)2___________+

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