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It was here that, taking advantage of a momentary respite, he satisfied
the desire of his heart by marrying a young lady of Laguna, .Annita,
who beca:e the inseparable companion of all his dangen, the gentle and
moundbl reminiscence of his life. Dark, like the tropical creolts,
graoeRl, aetive, and with eyes full of ardour; and an undaunted
ee ....'W'IIrihr.· of Garilaldi, and the glorious sympathy which laas
attaciecltD.IIII:·--y a.ong all the people of Italy. The nuptial
hymns and the noise of cannon, for the Imperial
1leet lwL.-....IJtlle,.tof Laguna to suppress the rebellion. .Annita
went ou.-...I._. &.liand'a -...el, and the contest waa obstinate.,
Seeing tie r 1 1aiJiiy: elGeibaldi provided for the safety of
llie fono-r,. aaaiuing alone in presence of the enemy ; he at last
j,unped Dlto. a.boat with Annita, and gained the shore amid the shouts of
die tow n, wmle lilt ...-el, fired by hi5 QIWIIt hand, blew up and
-my damaged the Brazilim fleet. Of twelve oilicers who had been
Garibaldi waa the only c.e who IUI'Vived.

J!liDt long aa.r....cbued by Bruilian c:ruiaers into a lagune, where
expect they would Tellture to follOtJ" him, Garibaldi, as a last
aq I t, ran his venel ashore-; then. mmmting his two guns on a
---»i&"1g spot; he Jiept up such a san.ined. that the enemy,
ll6tlliilitb·:mk an advanceGf thm:r boats, ad'IUI&ble to remain where they
,...'WiiiiiDat serious


retired fur the Dight out of range. They
lAII'e-f.irmiY, eonvinced that, th098h the resistance might be
their adversaz:1 must &TeWilually fall into their hands. But when day
bzoke, both Ga.ill&ldi ad his vessel had disappeamd. By almost
superhuman efForts,_the captain had dragged his ship off the land, and
slipping through the Brazilian fleet, which was lyiug UI18upectingly at
anchor, managed to effect his retreat. As, however, the enemy might
have been on the alert, Garibalm. had provided for this, by collecting
large quantities or brush-wood aDd drift, whieh he fired, to make the
enemy believe that he had hlmst. lria TlliiBel, and would attempt to
escape by land.

On a subsequent oecasion, Garibaldi was less fortunate. The Bra­

zilians forced the entrances of the Lagao doe Patos, where the Rio Grande

fleet was anchored, and, confiding in their great numerical superiority and

heavy broadsides, expected an easy prey. But Garibaldi was not at all

disposed to surrender: though his wife lay motionless before him, he

responded with great spirit to the enemy's heavy cannonade. But, ueing

soon convinced that all resistance was hopeless, he ordared his crews to

land, blew up his magazines, and reached the shore by swimming. Soon



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