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whence the road to San MarinO< would be open to them. Still, the mCJ\Ie­
ment could not be performed witaoat aome confuaion, which resembled a
flight more than the Vl)luntary &'bandonment of a. dangerou poet; but it.
had this advantage, that the enemy were apn nnM>le to infi.lct any
injury 011 t.he column. The Ganbaldiaus escaped with a few wounds.

The column already oceupiecl tae mountain. and was facing the enemy,
though out of. range, when Garibaldi, who had hurried up at the ne\YS
of the peril in which hia men were plaeed, made hie appearance. Ho
took command of the troops, and aaw at once that a. victory was a.n eaey
matter; bnt he judged that the. advantages be ·might derive from it
would not compeasate for the. inconvenietu:OI which delay in marching
might entail. Henoe, lezwing a body of men to ,hold the enemy in
check, he proceeded with the rest upon San Marino-; At mid.day on
the 31st July, the entire column wu. asaembled on the soil of the
Republic, and Garibaldi publiahed. the following General Order:­


"SoLni.I!&s.-We have arrived in a land of refuge, and we owe our
generous ltoste the most exemplary conduct: thus, we shall have
deserved the consideration which is due to· persecuted misfortune.

"From this moment I free my eomrades from cvery engagement,
leaving them at liberty to return to private life; but I would remind
them that Italy must not remain in opprobrium, and that it ia better to
die than to live the slave of the foreigner.

.. GARIB.lLD£;"

The Aus1lrians, however, violating the frontiers of tho R«.>public. were
preparing l{) close every outlet and attack the legion on the following
morning. For this purpose, they had sent to Rimini for fresh artillery
and troops. The government of San }farino, being aware of the General's
intention to dismiss a large part of his followers, offered their inter­
vention to obtain for them an honourable capitulation. GarilJUldi
accepted the offer, while res«.>rving for his soldiers the right of refusal.
The request was submitted to the GeneraJ.jn.Chief, provisionally estab­
lished at Uimini, by the Regent of Sm Marino himst>lf. Gorigowski
imposed the following conditions :-that all the legionaries should sur.
render thci.r arms to the government of San Marino, and be at liberty
to return home. Garibaldi wovld ret!eive a rtgular pa68pOrt, an:l be
pllt on boartl a vt11el in 6otM Mediterra11ean port, bOUfltl to ..J.mmca.

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