silence c1f death brooded over the city, and sentries with loaded muskets
were aeE'n at the ends of all the streets. The inhabitants were forbidden
to open door or window, or leave their houses, under penalty of death.
Why the disturbance so short a time back, and the silence now P Why
these horrible threats P Vague rumours told them that an action had
been fought with Garibaldi on the previous day, in which tlie Austrians
were be1tten, and they were now going to try to take their revenge. To­
ward ev,ening an aide-de· camp entered the town at full gallop, and, after
calling 1't the post, mounted a fresh horse and started in the direction of
Camerata. A short time after, a whole brigade, with cavalry and caissons,
marched through the streets of Como, and proceeded towards V srese. At
dawn of May 27, a frightful caunonad& was heard from the heights com­
manding Como, and the sound of the artillery, though gradually retiring,
was heard till nightfail. About ten o;o1ook, more than forty mnles,
laden with wounded, arrived at a sharp trot, in spite of the cries of pain
such a pace drew from the su:fThrers. 1'hey passed through the town
without stopping : it was evident that the Austrians had experienced a

fresh defeat, and that the Chasaeura of the Alps were pre11ing them
closely. In faot, after an obstinate retreat, which lasted eight hours, the
enemy lfere completely defeated. So soon as the Austrians had retired,
the hidden arms wetill prdduoecl as if by magic, and more than 10,000
peasante1 hurried to meet Garibaldi, and crowned hi1 guns with flowers.
So soon as he established his head quarters at Como, the Commander-in­
Chief of the ChaBSeurs of the Alps issued the following proclamation to
the inhabitants.

11 CxnzBNS I All young men who can carry a musket are invited to
assemble under the tricolor banner.

" No one of you would wish to look on idly at the holy war: no one
would wish to be compelled to confess some future day wit h a blush, that
he took no part in it.

" TIW1 is the hour and the moment to show that you did not speak
falsely when you avowed your hatred of Austria.

" To ems, then I

"No sacriftoe appears too great, as we are the generation which will
have accomplished the task of Italian liberation I "




Durin. g the war, " our own c6rrespondenta" ofthe French preaa displayed
a lively interest in our hero. Many made it a point to have a penoual

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