had hitherto occupied it, to remove his head quarters to the Villa Spada,
the French troops made a fresh attempt to force their way into the city,
but a combat that lasted several hours, they were repulsed. The
...,..,_ alone, in this action, killed four hundred of the Romans. And yet,
the aefenders of the Republic were convinced that they were sustaining

contest ! Their inevitable fall was a question of a few days,
pedutpa, of a few hours. Hence, they could have no other mQtive than
of ending gloriously !

At tw'l) A..ll. on June 30th, the definitive assault on the city came oft".
Fa:.-oured by the darkness, and the weakness of the advanced pos&s, the
FreDell in three close columns the various breaches formed in
the wall, and rushed into the midst of the Roman encampment. Con­
fued eries, the roll ofthe drum. and appeal to arms, ..,..... heard on every
side. advanced to the sound of a popular hymn, sword in hand:
the most determined followed him, but the rest, terrified by the sudden­
ness of the attack, remained behind. The French had already carried a
'barricade built before the Villa Spada : encouraged by the example of
their lea.der, the Romans formed and charged, and the barricade waa
alter:aatdy won and lost amid horn"ble carnage. At daybreak the com­
bat beea:me general at all points, and was maintained for several hours.
A fi11&1 charge at the bayonet's point, repulsed the French beyond their
secoud line ; but it was the last effort of despair, and exhausted all the
remaining strength of the Romans. On July 2nd, 1849, Garibaldi sent
an aide-cie-eamp to the Assembly, to announce that any longer resistance
wu · Th e triumvirate resigned their power, and the municipal
authorities unde,rtook to trent with General Oudinot.

u. i zedbyGooglc
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