peculation . IC the disappointment was greRt, the pitiable state of the
Tunisian navy was not adapted to restore his lost enthusiasm. Twenty
small 8.Il.d badl:J armed veaela were all that the Bey could offer for the
admirati011 of de ...-.I :&. -••p•Jled to. look about for
SODletbiJig bettenuitaltiJ.JiiF giea

Iu.l886 Gailnddi proceeded to While atopping at Santa
C:ms, hiJ JDd; Lmo Zambeccsri, IIDIJidler generous· exile-two brothtn
dlmiDed to I!IIOODer or later, onthe battle field,. ai the fuat cry their
IIIJIIDU:y 1t11mmonita clnldn!l!! to arms. When the time anived
lbicJth, illithfnl to theiro.ih. A!i;JIIaJaneiro Garibaldi fouud sa.eral
of e:We.lib m...if' Wnatlaeir aid, he purchased a
ltlll8ll ' ve.d, in. which. he carried· Clll a. between Rio and
C'idJo Jll'i:iio. Ti» 1ramble whiCh lasted nine months, wa8
...-.liB. by the-:fbmlar .......,.Uator; witfr his usual inwlligence a.nd
but diuppo.iutuomn snd regrets continued to prey on him. The
fllltlllt:o# :m.-1111iad wu-reRllled in the following passage from a letter he
....-in :nauoaimiiallte mend. "As for myself, I can only say, that
......_, '"'-oc4 llll1iie 011: my undertakings. What principally grieves
ia. ta. that I am doing nothmg for the fuiare
JIII!Vellll of our cause. I am wearied, by Heaven, of dragging on an
aistence' ID ueleaa to our:-COliDtry, so long as I am compelled to deTote
-.y: dn. W1'8tched trade . . . . . Be assured, that we·are
destined. •·betar thiDgs ; we are here out of our element."

In the Bay of'Jiio,Chribaldi, at the risk of his life, saved for the second
time a drowning man. A Negro bad fallen onrboard : the wind was
high, an1l as it drove the vessels ..,.a.tesek oillerreadered. any attempt
to save him extremely dll1lgemu; lmt the courageoons Nizam was no
sooner of the aecident, than he into the raging waves
and tore the poor black from their embrace.

'. .'

" 1zedbyGooglc

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