Systems Fiie No. 8370-36 Order No. GC20-1820-4 I BM Virtual Machine Facility/370: CP Command Reference
for General Users
Release 6 PLC 17
This publication is a reference manual for the general class of users that are running systems
such as OS, DOS, OS/VS, CMS, and RSCS in a virtual machine under VM/370. Each CP command available to the general class of
user as well those CP commands that are available to all users are listed alphabetically and contain general usage information, the command line format, descriptions of all allowable'operand values, and default values for operands. Also included are tables showing the relationship of
the general class of CP commands to the entire set
of VM/370 CP commands. PREREQUISITE PUBLICATIONS I BM Virtual Machine Facility /370: Introduction, Order No. GC20-1800 Terminal User's Guide, Order No. GC20-1810 COREQUISITE PUBLICATIONS IBM Virtual Machine Facility/370:
System Messages, Order No. GC20-1808 --.. - -- -=- -=-= -=. :: - --..-- - -.. ----
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