ADSTOP 3. Address stop (ADSTOP hexloc) is specified as a virtual machine real address. For CS/VS or DOS/VS, the specified address must be in
fixed storage. Movement of the page containing the !DSTOP can
cause erroneous processing because the resulting SV: X'B3' is presented to the virtual machine for handling. U. If the SVC handling portion of the virtual machine assist feature is enabled on your virtual machine, CP turns it off when an ADSTOP is set. when the address stop is removed, CP returns the assist
featJre SVC handling to its previous status. The SET RUN OFF command should be issued before an command. ADSTOP AT xxx xxx
The instruction whose address is xxxxxx is the next instruction scheduled for execution. The virtual machine is in a stopped
state. Anv CP command (including an ADSTOP command to set the next
address stop) can be issued. Enter the CP command BEGIN to resume
execution at the instruction location xxxxxx, or at any other
location desired. UG IBM CP Command for General Jsers
ATTN Use the ATTN command to make an attention interruption pending at your
virtual cJnsole. The format of the ATTN command is: r ATTN I L ________ _
-----------------------___________ J
1. The REQUEST command performs the same function as ATTN; the two can be used interchangeably.
2. The BEGIN command is not required after you issue ATTN.
3. CP the ATTN and REQUEST commands if I/O is in progress at
the console, or if other interrupts are pending. This condition
can occur if you issue the ATTN command using DIAGNOSE X'08'. None.
section 5. Format of CP Commands 47
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